CSR: How to be a truly "green" company, without the need for appearances

CSR: How to be a truly

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By Miguel Lavalle Garza

Lately, phrases such as "friendly to the environment", "ecological" and "100% natural" are present. This is mainly due to the fact that caring for the environment is important to society.

However, we must differentiate green innovations against the term Green Wash, which is just pretending to be environmentally friendly without actually being so. An example could be changing the packaging to a product made with chemicals that are harmful to the environment, making it look like nature friendly.

Companies often resort to greenwashing for various reasons, among which are the signaling by society and also because environmental responsibility programs are finding a good response from the community.

What must a company do to be really responsible with the environment?

• Improve your business processes to minimize impacts and maximize benefits in your operations.

Develop new processes and products responding to changes and availability in natural resources.

Obtain sustainable results to take care of society's environmental resources.

The above can be achieved:

Minimizing waste, recycling resources to the maximum.

• Reducing the company's carbon footprint, making fewer trips and maximizing conference calls.

• Changing to energy with low environmental impact such as solar or biomass.

• Educating consumers of its products to take care of the environment.

To achieve the above described it is recommended:

• Involve your employees in solving environmental problems.

• Have metrics of environmental impacts and publish them frequently. It will raise awareness in your workers, who will be more careful with resources and reduce environmental impact.

• Make comparisons of its environmental impact against other leading firms in the field.

Later start the search for resources. There are government funds that can be accessed to obtain the money to finance the projects. Some of these investments are tax deductible. It is recommended to monitor what is done with donated resources and examine where they were used.

In all activities there is the possibility of improving and contributing to the environment, however in some turns this can be difficult.

If a company wishes to support a cause with an external foundation, it is recommended that first the cause to which it wants to contribute is analyzed and then an organization is sought that meets the personal objectives of the company. Also to monitor what is done with donated resources and examine where they were used.

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