The right of humanity to exist

The right of humanity to exist

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By Fidel Castro Ruz

The very real fact is that developed countries that signed the Kyoto Protocol dramatically increased their emissions. Continuing the battle and demanding in all meetings, particularly those in Bonn and Mexico, the right of humanity to exist, with the morals and strength that the truth gives us, is in our opinion the only way.

Climate change is already causing considerable damage and hundreds of millions of poor people are suffering the consequences.

The most advanced research centers ensure that there is very little time left to avoid an irreversible catastrophe. James Hansen of NASA's Goddard Institute says that a level of 350 parts of carbon dioxide per million is still tolerable; Today, however, it exceeds the figure of 390 and is increasing at a rate of 2 parts per million each year, exceeding the levels of 600 thousand years ago. The last two decades have each been the hottest since the record has been reported. The mentioned gas increased 80 parts per million in the last 150 years.

The ice of the Arctic Sea, the enormous two kilometer thick layer that covers Greenland, the glaciers of South America that nourish its main sources of fresh water, the colossal volume that covers Antarctica, the remaining layer of Kilimanjaro, the ice that cover the Himalayas and the huge frozen mass of Siberia are visibly melting. Notable scientists fear quantitative leaps in these change-causing natural phenomena.

Humanity placed high hopes on the Copenhagen Summit, after the Kyoto Protocol signed in 1997, which entered into force in 2005. The resounding failure of the Summit led to embarrassing episodes that require due clarification.

The United States, with less than 5% of the world's population, emits 25% of carbon dioxide. The new President of the United States had promised to cooperate with the international effort to confront a problem that affects that country as much as the rest of the world. During the meetings leading up to the Summit, it became clear that the leaders of that nation and those of the richest countries were maneuvering to bring the burden of sacrifices down on the emerging and poor countries.

A large number of leaders and thousands of representatives of social movements and scientific institutions determined to fight to preserve humanity from the greatest risk in its history, came to Copenhagen invited by the organizers of the Summit. I omit to refer to details about the brutality of the Danish public force, which attacked thousands of protesters and guests from social and scientific movements who came to the Danish capital to focus on the political aspects of the Summit.

Chaos reigned in Copenhagen and incredible things happened. Social movements and scientific institutions were not allowed to attend the debates. There were Heads of State and Government who could not even express their opinions on vital problems. Obama and the leaders of the richest countries took over the conference with the complicity of the Danish government. The United Nations agencies were relegated.

Barack Obama, who arrived on the last day of the Summit to stay there for only 12 hours, met with two groups of guests handpicked by him and his collaborators. Together with one of them, he met in the plenary room with the rest of the highest delegations. He spoke and immediately left through the back door. In that plenary, except for the small group selected by him, the other representatives of the states were prohibited from speaking. At that meeting, the Presidents of Bolivia and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela were allowed to speak, because the President of the Summit had no alternative but to grant them the floor, in the face of the energetic demand of those present.

In another adjoining room, Obama brought together the leaders of the richest countries, several of the most important emerging states and two very poor. He presented a document, negotiated with two or three of the most important countries, ignored the United Nations General Assembly, held press conferences, and walked away like Julius Caesar on one of his victorious campaigns in Asia Minor, which led him to exclaim : I arrived, I saw and I won.

Gordon Brown himself, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, had stated on 19 October: “If we do not reach an agreement in the course of the next few months, we must have no doubt that, once the uncontrolled growth of the emissions has caused damage, no retrospective global agreement sometime in the future can undo such effects. By then it will be hopelessly too late. "

Brown concluded his speech with dramatic words: “We cannot afford to fail. If we fail now, we will pay a heavy price. If we act now, if we act together, if we act with vision and determination, success in Copenhagen will still be within our grasp. But if we fail, planet Earth will be in danger, and for the planet there is no Plan B. "

Now he arrogantly declared that the United Nations should not be taken hostage by a small group of countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Tuvalu, while accusing China, India, Brazil, South Africa and other emerging states. to give in to the seductions of the United States to sign a document that throws the Kyoto Protocol into the garbage can and contains no binding commitment on the part of the United States and its wealthy allies.

I am forced to remember that the United Nations Organization was born just six decades ago, after the last World War. The independent countries did not then exceed the figure of 50. Today it is made up of more than 190 independent states, after the hateful colonial system ceased to exist due to the determined struggle of the peoples. The People's Republic of China itself was denied membership in the UN for many years, and a puppet government held its representation in that institution and in its privileged Security Council.

The tenacious support of the growing number of Third World countries was indispensable in China's international recognition, and a factor of the utmost importance for the United States and its NATO allies to recognize its rights in the United Nations.

In the heroic fight against fascism, the Soviet Union had made the greatest contribution. More than 25 million of their children died, and enormous destruction ravaged the country. From that struggle, it emerged as a superpower capable of partially counteracting the absolute dominance of the United States imperial system and the former colonial powers for the unlimited plunder of the peoples of the Third World. When the USSR disintegrated, the United States extended its political and military power eastward to the heart of Russia, and its influence over the rest of Europe increased. There is nothing strange about what happened in Copenhagen.

I wish to underline the unjust and outrageous statements of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the Yankee attempt to impose, as a Summit Agreement, a document that was never discussed with the participating countries.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez, in the press conference offered on December 21, affirmed a truth that is impossible to deny; I will use some of its verbatim paragraphs: “I would like to emphasize that in Copenhagen there was no agreement whatsoever from the Conference of the Parties, no decision was made regarding binding or non-binding commitments, or of an International Law nature, in any way; there was simply no agreement in Copenhagen "

“The Summit was a failure and a hoax to world public opinion. […] The lack of political will was exposed… ”

"... it was a step back in the action of the international community to prevent or mitigate the effects of climate change ..."

"... the average global temperature could increase by 5 degrees ..."

Our Chancellor immediately adds other information of interest about the possible consequences according to the latest scientific research.

"... since the Kyoto Protocol to date, emissions from developed countries have risen 12.8% ... and of that volume, 55% corresponds to the United States."

"An American consumes, on average, 25 barrels of oil per year, a European 11, a Chinese citizen less than two, and a Latin American or Caribbean, less than one."

"Thirty countries, including those of the European Union, consume 80% of the fuel that is produced."

The very real fact is that developed countries that signed the Kyoto Protocol dramatically increased their emissions. It is a shameless mockery of world opinion.

The Cuban Foreign Minister, speaking on behalf of a group of ALBA countries, defended China, India, Brazil, South Africa and other important emerging economy states, affirming the concept reached in Kyoto of “'common but differentiated responsibilities, which means that the historical accumulators and the developed countries, which are responsible for this catastrophe, have different responsibilities from those of the small island states or those of the countries of the South, especially the less developed countries ... "

“Responsibilities means financing; Responsibilities means technology transfer under acceptable conditions, and so Obama plays on words, and instead of talking about common but differentiated responsibilities, he talks about 'common but differentiated responses'. "

"... he leaves the plenary without deigning to listen to anyone, nor had he listened to anyone before his intervention."

In a subsequent press conference, before leaving the Danish capital, Obama said: “We have produced an unprecedented substantial agreement here in Copenhagen. For the first time in history, the major economies have come together to accept responsibility. "

In his clear and irrefutable statement, our Chancellor affirms: "What does it mean that‘ the major economies have come together to accept our responsibilities ’? It means that they are unloading a significant weight of the burden that means financing for mitigation and adaptation of countries, especially in the South, to climate change, on China, Brazil, India and South Africa; because it must be said that in Copenhagen there was an assault, a robbery against China, Brazil, India, South Africa and against all the countries called euphemistically developing. "

These were the forceful and irrefutable words with which our Chancellor relates what happened in Copenhagen.

I should add that, when our Vice President Esteban Lazo and the Cuban Foreign Minister had left at 10 am on December 19, there was a belated attempt to resurrect the dead man in Copenhagen as a Summit agreement. At that time, there were practically no Head of State or hardly any Ministers left. Again, the denunciation of the remaining members of the delegations of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and other countries defeated the maneuver. Thus ended the inglorious Summit.

Another fact that cannot be forgotten was that in the most critical moments of that day, in the early hours of the morning, the Foreign Minister of Cuba, together with the delegations that were waging their dignified battle, offered the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki -moon, your cooperation in the increasingly hard fight that was being waged, and in the efforts that must be carried out in the future to preserve the life of our species.

The ecological group World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) warned that climate change would spiral out of control in the next 5 to 10 years, if emissions are not drastically cut.

But it is not necessary to demonstrate the essentials of what is stated here about what Obama did.

The President of the United States declared on Wednesday, December 23, that people are right to be disappointed by the outcome of the Summit on Climate Change. In an interview with the CBS television network, the president indicated that "" instead of seeing a total collapse, without doing anything, which would have been a giant setback, at least we could stay more or less where we were "..."

Obama? Says the news dispatch? It is the most criticized by those countries that, almost unanimously, feel that the outcome of the Summit was disastrous.

The UN is now in a bind. Asking other countries to join the arrogant and undemocratic agreement would be humiliating for many states.

Continuing the battle and demanding in all meetings, particularly those in Bonn and Mexico, the right of humanity to exist, with the morality and strength that the truth gives us, is in our opinion the only way.

Fidel Castro Ruz - Reflections of Fidel - December 26, 2009 -

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