Yuyo, lies and poison

Yuyo, lies and poison

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By Graciela Cristina Gomez

Today the complaints for pesticides are multiplying and thousands will come, until finally the clamor of environmentalists is heard calling for the recategorization of glyphosate. The cry of the earth dying due to the loss of nutrients, the struggle of the sick ignored by the media at the service of the "horror factories" and a medicine little interested in delving into endocrine disruptors, denying the evidence of the damage caused by pesticides .

"First comes the clearing, second the fumigation, then the children fungus, grains, (...) natural pastures that dry up, (...) birds that die. Who do we claim?", (Campesino de Tres isletas, Chaco )(one)

Today the complaints for pesticides are multiplying and thousands will come, until finally the clamor of environmentalists is heard calling for the recategorization of glyphosate. The cry of the earth dying for the loss of nutrients, the struggle of the sick ignored by the media at the service of the "scare factories" and a medicine little interested in delving into endocrine disruptors, denying the evidence of the damage caused by pesticides. . While "current regulations only take into account the risk of cancer, they do not take into account the special vulnerability of children before their birth and in the early stages of life, nor the effects on the hormonal system, they ignore the additive or interactive effects of these substances "(2).

Believe that it is possible:

"The President has signed Decree No. 21, which creates an Investigative Commission on the use of agrochemicals. A toll-free line and an email are set up to receive any type of complaints or concerns from the population regarding their situation health, in relation to agrochemicals. " (3)

The Commission will work within the scope of the National Ministry of Health, but in conjunction, with other areas of competences, namely:

- Secretariat of the Environment and Sustainable Development, whose report "The advance of the agricultural frontier" has contributions from one of the few authoritative voices on the subject: the agronomist Walter Pengue, who a few days ago expressed: "This concern for health is we should have been fifteen years ago "(4)

- SENASA, which will finally get the hang of glyphosate and will also give us a report on endosulfan, its current use in Argentina despite its ban in 55 countries, including the EU. (5)

- The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries (SAGPyA), whose fictitious fight with Monsanto, over the RR soy patents, began in 1996 through resolution No. 167, then continued with the maize prohibited in the EU, approved in 2007 by the same body, ignoring the precautionary principle. (6)

- INTA, which must be defined if it is made available to the Commission or continues to be associated with BASF with its induced mutagenesis, and will unify criteria among its members, half of which affirm that 'The soil is subsidizing producers and the country', while the other half do not stop saying atrocities in the media, like Monsanto mercenaries, repeating that they belong to INTA, believing that this enables them to say so much nonsense. (7)

- The INTI, which will give us a report on its many "services", transport of dangerous substances and how to carry out a "real" environmental impact study since the last "Botnia does not pollute" is not convincing. (8)

There is no worse blind than the one who does not want to see:

Will they really listen to the NGOs, the only ones entrenched in the subject, who do not lie and whose empirical evidence silences any theory or made-up report?

Will they take into account research carried out by the UNL Faculty of Biochemistry and Biological Sciences, which already in 2006 indicated that there are "positive associations between levels of organochlorine pesticides in mammary adipose tissue and the consumption of animal fat and river fish?" . (9)

The report from the UNR College of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, which warns that glyphosate was wrongly classified as toxicologically benign, both health and environmental, "the toxicological review of glyphosate conducted by a North American team of independent scientists (Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides) indicated adverse effects in all standard categories of toxicology: subchronic, chronic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, and reproductive. "(10)

The Investigation of the Italian Hospital of Rosario, which states that "There are causal relationships of cases of cancer and childhood malformations among the inhabitants exposed to environmental pollution factors, such as agrochemicals". (11)

To name just a few voices from our province, which gave signals to deaf ears.

Which leads my dear friend Rodolfo Paramo, Malabrigo pediatrician to tirelessly repeat "We must fight the abuse of agrochemicals."

Will they all work together within the framework of the Federal Health Council, or is it just a utopia?

The Commission says that it will also work with cases that are already prosecuted or those that arise from the population as concerns or complaints.

Collateral damage:

Costa las Masitas, Entre Ríos, between May 2003 and January 2007 3 children (ages 2, 7 and 8) died from direct exposure to glyphosate. March 2004, at the Emergency Hospital in the city of Córdoba, a 32-year-old man died. He had been spraying a field with a backpack. On the same date in Villa Libertador San Martín, Entre Ríos, a young policeman dies, relatives denounce that it was due to exposure to Fenitrotion and Endosulfan sprays. Also that year in Piray, Misiones, a girl died of Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, due to repeated exposure to glyphosate.Will they take into account the ignored from the entire province of Santa Fe, where there is accurate data on babies born with malformations in Malabrigo and San Cristobal? (12)

The denunciations of Colonia Loma Senés (Formosa), Ituzaingo Annex (Cordoba), others in Santiago del Estero denounced by Mocase-Via Campesina (13), the Project for the Use of Toxic Chemicals and Human Congenital Malformations, whose director is Dr. Hugo Gómez Demaio , head of pediatric surgery at the Provincial Hospital of Pediatrics of Misiones.

Those of Chaco, "In health matters the Ministry of Health of Chaco does absolutely nothing in this matter. They do not even keep records of children born alive with a neuronal tube closure defect because they have not drawn up a map of registered malformations. The day we do it, the result will be scandalous "(14) and a long list of cases throughout the" epicenter of the Second Revolution of the Pampas "and" I am power ", new terms coined by one of the greatest exponents of agribusiness. (15) How many sick and human losses must we mourn until this genocide and agrocide stops?

Contributions from Mexico:

"Dr. Medina Carrillo explains that the fertilizer metabolites damage the embryo in its initial stages, and partially or totally destroy the cellular material, depending on the structure that damages the agrochemical, mouth malformations occur (cleft lip and cleft palate), genitalia (retention of testicles or penises with abnormal exit orifices), and joint disorders (dislocations of the hip and supernumerary fingers, or absence thereof).

The research includes the study of 279 newborns registered in Nayarit during the period 1999-2001, 26 types of congenital malformations were detected. Eighteen percent of the newborns studied had undescended testicles, another 13 had spina bifida, and 10 percent had congenital hip dislocation. Meanwhile, the forms of exposure associated with the highest risk of malformation were going to fumigated fields and living near them. The most serious congenital malformations, such as those of the central nervous system, mouth, and genitalia, were associated with two or more forms of exposure. "(16)

Also Paraguay:

"Newborns born in the Regional Hospital of Encarnación, Department of Itapúa, Paraguay.

A prospective case-control study, between March 2006 and February 2007. Nine forms of exposure to pesticides were conventionally established:
1) Accidental direct contact
2) Absence of protective equipment when applying it
3) Home storage room
4) Presence in fumigated fields
5) Eating in fumigated fields
6) Use container containers for drinking water
7) Living with a working spouse in fumigated fields
8) Wash contaminated clothing
9) Living near fumigated fields. "(17)

Types of malformations:

Agenesis (Absence of arms or ears or hand or fingers)
Ear abnormalities (preauricular appendix)
Anencephaly (Brain deficiency)
Lack of complete testicular descent
Equinovarus (The foot appears turned fully inward)
Spina bifida (it is a congenital malformation of the neural tube and the spinal cord is left without bone protection)
Pyloric stenosis (It is the narrowing of a part of the stomach - the gastric pylorus - that goes towards the small intestine and does not allow the passage of food from the stomach to the intestine)
Rash (this is a generalized skin rash)
Hydrocephalus (It is the excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain)
Hodgkin lymphoma (Cancer that originates in the lymphatic tissue, which includes the lymph nodes and organs that are part of the immune system)
Microcephaly (Malformations of the skull)
Myelomengocele (lack of closure of the neural tube)
Cleft palate
Bot foot (is a congenital foot deformity)
Polidactalia (Extra fingers or toes)
Syndactyly (The fingers and toes fused or joined together by membranes) ". (17)

Discussions addressed:

"When analyzing the mother's exposure to pesticides, as a risk factor for congenital malformations, living near fumigated fields, living within 1 km, storing pesticides in the house or room, washing contaminated clothes and a history of direct contact or Accidental. One mode of exposure was the use of plastic containers containing agrochemicals to store the water used in the home. Increased risk for spina bifida and hydrocephalus was found, due to paternal exposure to pesticides in orchards and greenhouses. They also found association between exposure to pesticides in barns and the presence of defects in hip reduction, as well as the relationship between exposure and cryptorchidism and hypospadias. The results of this study support the hypothesis that the effects of maternal exposure to agricultural work are related with neural tube closure and suggest that parental pesticide exposure in the periconceptional period or earlier , it can also increase the risk of having a child with anencephaly. " (17)

To remove the bandage:

The time has come for regulators to show their concern and spare no effort in the search for safer alternatives for the use of pesticides, protection from exposure and its risks, real control of possible remains of pesticides in food, vegetables and fruits . According to Altieri * "Agroecological education and research, favoring local production for local consumption". Urgent recategorization of glyphosate. Prohibition and punishment of open-air cellars where empty containers of used herbicides are accumulated, or their abandonment in rivers or water courses that are the new dumps of unscrupulous producers. An effective compliance with the delimited areas of environmental protection, where it is not possible to fumigate, and that are not respected, nor circulate with "mosquitoes", nor store the toxins within populated areas.

In La Criolla, Santa Fe, neighbors denounce that the "mosquitoes" wander through the town or park a few meters from the Juan Arancio school, with their lethal load, photographing him with a cell phone.

The same day that the president met with the "Mothers of Ituzaingó," at night, residents of Cordoba denounced that they were fumigated again. What should we understand, that it is custom in the interior and that the "idiosyncrasy" of the place ignores or omits that this conduct is illegal? Something must die. It is not going to happen to me. Pain and / or educate?

These days another headache caused the "tucuras", to soybeans, non-soybeans and the little green that remains in the dry north of Santa Fe and other provinces. Are they thinking of fighting it with fipronil, carcinogenic, toxic to bees, birds and fish , following the example of Uruguay? (18). Indigenous wisdom says: "When plagues invade the countryside, they only come as messengers of nature to warn that an imbalance has been caused," but no one listens.

God raises them the soy piles them:

Santa Fe has a Secretary of the Agricultural System, Agri-food and "NECROcombustibles", born in the payments of the Vicentin fiefdom. We did not finish digesting it when now too, we were few and soybeans gave birth: "Santa Fe ruralism has its Liaison Table", whose closest objective seems to be: "Establish common denominators; for example, how to add important actors not necessarily agricultural, such as trade, to set the agenda for future candidates in 2009 "(19), but also with a view to 2011. Obvious. Among those objectives is the candidacy of the character of the already forgotten floods, "facilitator for the consolidation of the agro-industrial center of Greater Rosario". In Buenos Aires, the other actor exhibits his "great parchment: the authorization of RR soy in 1996". (20)

The four horsemen of "the standard bearer of the field" threaten for March if they do not give them the lollipop they lost when the Cleto believed they were making history, and they will surely demand their little place in the elections. I don't want to imagine what the twin, turned hero of the route, will ask for. The picket line will surely be declared of cultural interest, by decree, for "4 × 4 countrymen and capybara espadrilles." (21) The Ari's chief, for her part, rubs shoulders with Aapresid and her students in the temple of the beans from Cordoba street, in Rosario. - "Quo vadis", they all wondered there, offering to be a "banderrillero", never. But their mouths were filled with the words "sustainable agriculture," even though most have no idea what the Brundtland Report is about. (22)

I would like to ask Ipesa for a silo-bag with hermetic closure, to send all these subjects inside, along with the soybeans that they tied up in the lock-out, through the Rosario waterway, with only one way ticket, to the country of never again.

"I had a dream," said Dr King, "but I'm not the only one," Lennon said, "you can't live with so much poison," says the Colombian singer, "but nothing is forever," completes another singer, but from Argentina. . Yuyo and Venom fell out of favor, they may feed off each other and survive, but the lie of one being a solution to hunger and the other being biodegradable, no one believes it anymore.

Graciela Cristina Gomez, Lawyer (UBA) - Notary Public (UNR) -


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