U.S.A Contradictions

U.S.A Contradictions

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By Joel Sangronis Padrón

They have usurped the name of America just for themselves, even though they exterminated almost all the original inhabitants of this land. Despite the fact that their electoral system is the most imperfect, questionable, archaic and anti-popular of those that exist, they like to call themselves "Democracy" and as enemies of it anyone who opposes their imperial interests.

Its ruling elites and thick layers of its population display and flaunt a medieval puritanism but at the same time this country produces almost 80% of the pornography consumed in the world.

It has the most advanced technological research centers in the world and some of the most prestigious universities in the contemporary world, but at the same time in its educational system there is debate whether or not to teach Darwin's theory of natural selection in schools and according to National Assessment of Education only 2.6% of adults can write a letter correctly and 95% of its university students cannot locate countries like Iraq, Vietnam or Bolivia on a world map.

Its political class and its means of mass transmission of information use words such as "freedom", "democracy", "justice", and "equality" as their own, while supporting oppression, torture, robbery and genocidal wars. length and breadth of the world.

The right to certify or not certify the performance of each country in the fight against drug trafficking is subrogated, but within its territory more than a third of the world's marijuana is planted and harvested, and about half of the illegal drugs that are produced on the planet. Its president sets the example of this struggle by using alcohol during the Beijing Olympics.

They declare war on world terrorism but reserve the right to use state terrorism wherever and however they decide: bombing drug factories in Sudan, wedding parties in Afghanistan, using cluster bombs, white phosphorus, uranium and napalm against the population. Iraqi civilian, reducing to ashes more than 3,000 human beings in the El Chorrillo neighborhood in Panama and bombarding the civilian population of Yugoslavia for months. Its publicity apparatus has declared, tried and sentenced Bin Laden, Raúl Reyes, Nelson Mandela, Yasser Arafat, and the Cuban Five Heroes as world terrorists, but its executive power and its judicial system shelters and protects real terrorists such as Luis Posada Carriles and Oliver North.

They brag about their Olympians and have made their sports stars cult images around the world, but at the same time it is the society with the most obese and cardiovascular-impaired people on earth.

They call themselves the “land of the free”, but their prison population is more than two million people, the overwhelming majority belonging to the poorest sections of that society and to minority groups such as African Americans, Latinos and immigrants of all kinds.

They spend more than $ 25,000 a year per prisoner on prison security (never on reeducation, which they don't believe in), that is, as much as allotted to each college student. Prison and other penalties are seen by American society as forms of punishment and not as instruments of social rehabilitation, which explains the almost unanimous approval that the death penalty has there. The construction, administration and maintenance of the gigantic network of prisons necessary to confine this colossal mass of inmates is handled almost exclusively by private companies to which the US state has delegated that function in exchange for multimillion-dollar compensation.

Its judicial system, for decades promoted throughout the world as a paradigm of justice, impartiality and morality, has shown in recent years, with cases such as those of OJ Simpson, the parole of Posada Carriles, the fraudulent bankruptcy of the Enron and the laughable cases that each year are awarded with the Stella awards (cases of car thieves who sue those who robbed for failure in the brakes of the stolen vehicle, or friends who sue hosts because they were drunk at a party at their home. The latter fell and broke a hand), the true face of a classist and schizophrenic judicial system, conditioned by the media, the executive branch and the economic power of that society.

They produce more wheat, vegetables, corn and milk than any other country in the world, but the majority of their population only consumes hamburgers, pizzas, chicken and French fries and sugary drinks.

Its economists and ideologues from the IMF and the World Bank created, in the early 1990s, the set of macroeconomic adjustment plans, free markets and fiscal austerity known as the “Washington Consensus”, imposed on most of the world's governments less that of ... Washington !!, as has just been demonstrated with the armed robbery that its bankers and executive power have just done to the American working people with the handling of the federal aid package to the bankrupt banking system of that country .

It is the cradle and current seat of the great globalized imperial capitalism, with shadowy characters of an ideology that mixes in equal parts Puritanism, fascism, Christian orthodoxy, Manchester liberalism and social Darwinism, such as Pat Buchanan, Donald Runsfeld, Rush Limbaugh, Net Grinwich, Jesse Helms and Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin; but at the same time it is also the society that has produced the great theorists of contemporary socialism: Noam Chonsky, James Petras, Inmanuel Wallerstein, James O'Connors and Mike Davis among others.

It is the most individualistic society in the world, but at the same time the advertising industry and the information transmission media, to which the inhabitants of that country are addicted like no other people, have homogenized their members to the point of absurdity, to the point that the life of the average American is marked by terms such as Coca Cola, Mac Donalds, Hollywood, Nike, Walt Mart, Hallowen, Ford, GM, Disney, etc.

It is the country of "politically correct" and social pressure groups; There, smoking in public, wearing Che's flannel, a turban or clothing with animal skin can be equivalent to being considered a social disturbance or an anarco-terrorist. Looking a woman in the eye can be classified as sexual harassment and be punished with very severe penalties for which in trains and subways people travel without ever looking at their fellow travelers. In several states, teachers avoid caressing children for fear of lawsuits by their parents, so children grow up in schools without expressions of love and tenderness from their teachers. From time to time these children, already transformed into young adolescents, organize butchers in their colleges and universities targeting their classmates and their teachers.

The politically correct in some states has reached the limits of absurdity: It is common that in singles bars there are written contract formats at hand whereby the parties who have met that night and plan to sleep together, declare that they renounce to suing the other party for sexual harassment and for "Palimony", that is, for pensions for ex-lovers.

In some religious congregations expressions of the Bible have been modified that could be considered offensive, discriminatory or sexist: The Lord's Prayer has been changed to an “Our Father, Our Mother” so as not to offend or discriminate against women. Psalm 63 that says "Your right hand will support me" has been changed to "Your strong hand will support me" so as not to hurt the sensibilities of lefties. An African American must be included in every Hollywood movie, whether it be about Vikings or ancient Greeks, so as not to face the accusation of racial discrimination.

They have deified the most narrow pragmatism within their scheme of life. They distrust all forms of intellectuality and reject what Plato describes in his Phaedrus as "that universal art of bewitching the mind with arguments", but with their great mass media transmission of information and the rest of their cultural industry they have designed and practice the Ideological warfare (4th Generation) through which they seek to enchant the rest of the world with images, symbols and manipulation of emotions and desires.

With pathetic arrogance they like to call the winners of the championships of their national sports leagues as "World Champions" or "World Series" to their final series of baseball.

Its legislative power promulgates laws that aspire to be of global application such as the Helms-Burton Act or the Torricelli Act, but they refuse to abide by and not even recognize norms approved by the international community such as the Kyoto protocol, the Court Criminal International, the ruling of the International Court of The Hague that condemned them for the mining of Nicaraguan ports, the treaty against antipersonnel mines and other similarities.

They accuse Muslims of religious fanaticism and make fun of it, but at the same time their president assures that God spoke to him to give him the order to attack Iraq and massacre a million and a half civilians there, and in every American town and city there are pastors and tele-preachers who assure that God comes down to speak with them about politics, electoral trends, music and new and heterodox forms of salvation, like Juanita Smith, an elderly African-American preacher who at the door of her church in Alabama shouted “stoop! because no fat man will enter the kingdom of heaven! "

Joel Sangronis Padrón
Professor UNERMB

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