For the respect to decide the Development of Tambogrande against the Mining Exploitation

For the respect to decide the Development of Tambogrande against the Mining Exploitation

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Yesterday the Technical Table of support for Tambogrande held a press conference to the Congress of the Republic under the slogan "For respect to decide our development in Tambogrande" with the participation of the congressmen: Javier Diez Canseco (Descentralist Democratic Party), Maruja Alfaro and Luis Flores Vásquez (Perú Posible), Fabiola Morales (Unidad Nacional), Jhoony Peralta and Victor Velarte from the Aprista Party.

"The farmers, the Municipality and the Tambogrande Defense Front will prepare a 72-hour strike from this November 5. They face the claim of the Manhattan mining company to carry out a mining operation that would seriously affect the San Lorenzo Irrigation (20% of irrigated lands of Piura), on which severe environmental, social, and economic questions weigh. A popular consultation, last year, showed that 98.6% of the population is opposed to an exploitation that would put agriculture at risk and that guarantees a real improvement in their living standards. "

The announcement was made by the mayor of Tambogrande Francisco Ojeda and was seconded by the different congressmen who participated in the event.

The mayor, representing the entire town of Tambogrande, added that there are a series of irregularities in the environmental impact study because the company has presented incomplete information and also in English.
Additionally, the National Institute of Natural Resources (Inrena) has made 191 observations to the environmental impact study that must be clarified by the company.

The different congressmen expressed their opposition to the mining project and Congressman Jhoony Peralta presented the draft Law of Intangibility of the agricultural activity of the Tambogrande valley.

In particular, the support for the resistance of the people of Tambogrande was emphasized by Congressman Javier Diez Canseco (Partido Democrático Descentralista):

"Tambogrande establishes a milestone in the long history of disputes and confrontations between mining activity and farmers, who see mining as a predatory and polluting activity, which depletes the wealth of the area, generates very little employment, provides crumbs in taxes and it leaves without having contributed to real and sustainable local development. It is also a powerful nucleus of economic power that even places ministers and obtains questionable concessions, such as the one obtained by the Fujimorista CTAR of Piura in Manhattan, without a public tender. San Lorenzo fights for the Right to decide on the use of natural resources located in their locality and the economic development model to be assumed The referendum vote (98%) was against the mining project, but the Government did not recognize it.

Historically, the exploitation of our natural resources has been done behind the country's back, for the benefit of a political and economic elite, with a vision lacking in social responsibility. Gold, silver, guano, rubber, oil, copper, anchovy, have enriched a few and impoverished many, affecting the environment. This must change. "

Vladimir Pinto López - APRODEH expert on socio-environmental conflicts ( - Technical Support Table for Tambogrande (made up of ANDES, APRODEH, LABOR association, CEAS, CNDDHH - National Human Rights Coordinator, National Coordinator of Radio, Diaconia for Justice and Peace, Fedepaz), highlights the importance of a multi-party consensus: groups as opposed as Unidad Nacional, PDD (Diez Canseco) Peru Posible and Apra agree that the project in Tambogrande is unviable.
Manhattan's offer to invest 100 million in the town is a joke: Diez Canseco revealed that this proposed investment would be borne by the State, with its share of the project.
The Environment Commission was present, (Flores de PP) stating that the project is environmentally unviable, not just socially.

It was recalled that the project was born flawed since its irregular approval by the Fujimori mafia. "

IVONNE YANEZ - OILWATCH Internacional ( comments: "It seems to me that the most interesting thing about yesterday's conference was the announcement of the Tambogrande Intangibility Law project.
I think it is an important contribution to the possibility of applying a mining moratorium in Peru. The Moratorium should be understood as a reflection of not opening new mining areas, either by decision of the local population or by a socioeconomic and environmental analysis of costs and benefits.

This may be an interesting precedent for other cases in other parts of Peru and other countries. As has already been done in Ecuador with the declaration of intangibility of the Imuya region.

In this sense, the involvement of the parliamentary sector in the national debate also seems key to me. This is how things are done and citizenship is built! "

At the international level, a large mobilization is being articulated (INFO: E-mail: [email protected]) that has the support of several organizations (among which we highlight: Ivonne Yanez - OILWATCH, Margarita Lacabe - Equipo NIZKOR (Spain), Teresa Perez - World Movement for Forests, Mauricio Sulila - LIVANINGO (Mozambique), Nadia Martinez - Sustainable Energy and Economy Network SEEN (USA), Marta Rincón - CENSAT (Colombia), Serpaj Europa, Tracy Glynn -JATAM (Jaringan Advokasi Tambang) Mining Advocacy Network (INDONESIA), Stefania Simion - Campaign Coordinator, PATRIR (Romania), IFI reform campaign - LES AMIS DE LA TERRE (France), Ricardo Navarro - President of Friends of the Earth International.

You need to rescue the commitment of Friends of the Earth International that has put on its website the letter of pressure addressed to the different institutions involved in the mining project: on Wednesday, October 29, 123 letters of all the world.

Some Italian entities - NGO "Terra Nuova", Independent Observatory on the Andean Region SELVAS, Senator Francesco Martone (Green Party - Parliament of Italy), who have long been working to support an effective democratization of a multi-ethnic and multicultural Peru and in general of all Latin America , based on the leadership of civil society, they have released a document in support of the resistance of the people of Tambogrande.

"Precisely because of the emphasis on the expansion of democracy and citizen participation that characterizes us, knowing the situation that is occurring in the Tambogrande valley, with the mining project and the opposition of farmers, the population and As local authorities, we allow ourselves to join our voices with those of many others:

  • We consider that it is necessary on the part of the national authorities and the other subjects involved to respect the opinion of the local population, who clearly expressed themselves in the neighborhood consultation held last year;
  • We consider that before allowing the installation of extractive activities that in other parts of the country and at other times have meant devastation, contamination and bankruptcy of agricultural and livestock activities, the environmental impact studies produced by the companies in charge of the exploitation must be carefully verified. , and perhaps compare them with independent studies.

We want to convey our feeling of solidarity to the population of Tambogrande, which is currently facing a very great challenge, "the note ends.

FRANCESCO MARTONE, Italian Senator - Green Party of Italy, which serves as secretary of the Human Rights Commission of the Italian Parliament, sent a letter of solidarity for supporting the "popular mobilization and resistance of the People of Tambogrande against the mining exploitation they are proposing. the Government of Peru and the multinational Maniatan Minerals.

In this socio-environmental conflict, I believe it is essential to support citizen participation, from the historic plebiscite of the popular consultation. I want to thank the commitment of the Technical Board and the members of the international campaign. In particular to Terra Nueva and SELVAS (with whom we have worked together on the occasion of the international campaign against the OCP Pipeline that affects the Amazon of Ecuador), to articulate this campaign that must be disseminated in Italy and in the world. "

Video: Is Urban Mining the future? VPRO Documentary (July 2022).


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