The Foundation of a New Argentine Republic?

The Foundation of a New Argentine Republic?

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By Ricardo D. Natalichio

There are moments in the life of a Nation that over the years receive the honorable appointment of "Historic" and at this precise moment, in the Neighborhood Assemblies and other Popular Meetings of all kinds throughout the country, it is deciding whether we are before one of them.

Some Historical Background

Until the 1960s Argentina was a Country. The participation of the people, especially within the Universities that were mostly public and, of course, free and unrestricted for anyone who wanted to use them, was very important in quantity and quality. Great ideals of a free, just and egalitarian Republic were generated and multiplied rapidly, so much so that it attracted the attention of those who saw their hegemony in power in danger and decided to act.
A plan was drawn up whose strategy was very simple. "Annihilation and Total Anesthesia".
Thus it was that in a short time more than 30,000 members of that powerful force that threatened them were kidnapped, tortured, assassinated or disappeared. Many others, had to go into exile and disappear in the distance.
But the anesthesia used with the survivors was not just any, but one specially prepared so that in addition to putting them to sleep, it would take away their dreams and hopes, leave them paralyzed, with fear and what is worse, without will.

No plan is perfect

But as it is commonly said "no plan is perfect", although the anesthesia used lasted more than twenty years, there were no small details.
One was the genes. Yes, because those men and women who were "numbed" in the 70s had children, boys who were not born anesthetized because the effect was not hereditary and that slowly, with the times of life, they grew. Children who did inherit those genes full of desires for a free, just and egalitarian Argentine Nation that their parents transmitted to them.
Another was that the effect of anesthesia would not last forever or affect everyone equally, almost without realizing it, in recent years, some very slowly woke up and followed the actions of groups such as Mothers or Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo to which their love made them immune and to this day they never gave in in their struggle and some more, surely the least will continue to sleep for a while longer.

The last decade of the Old Republic

During the 1990s Argentina has undoubtedly suffered some of the worst years in its history, with a steady and pronounced decline towards misery and inequality. A second presidency of the already decadent Menemist Empire in which the illusion created by one of the greatest illusionists in our history, Prime Minister Cavallo, was fading, whose Convertibility Plan began to sink making water everywhere and to which they discovered "fatal errors" daily. Maintained in recent times only because the drowsiness, after such a long nap, still did not allow us to see clearly.
In the middle of 1999 and by one of those coincidences that occur in the life of a country, the Almighty Emperor Carlos I decided, until now nobody knows why, to obey what was written by a group of people, in a little book without much importance, called Constitution.
Perhaps because power tires, or gets drunk, or goes crazy, or some other unimaginable reason, the point is that Carlos Menem I called for elections.
It was thus that, with great anger, the great majority of the People decided to vote the opposite of what they had been suffering for ten long years. An austere, sober President who would defend the interests of the People. But again, perhaps because of the hangover from the anesthesia, perhaps because there were not many who had woken up, because many of their children were not yet old enough to vote or because they were blinded by the anger, the people again chose their fate wrong once again, perhaps his last mistake, perhaps the last slap needed to wake up those who were still asleep.

"Hear mortals the sacred cry ... freedom, freedom, freedom"

In mid-2001 there were elections for Deputies and Senators of the Nation, this time, for the first time, the winner was not a Political Party but the blank vote, the abstentions and the challenged votes, it was called the "Voto Bronca". People wanted to make their protest heard through the polls, but it was not enough. Towards the end of 2001 and after a Popular Consultation held from December 14 to 17, without any support from the State, the National Front Against Poverty, formed by a group of Civil Society Organizations, obtained more than 3 million positive votes. for a change proposal, a fact that surely served as a death certificate for almost twelve years of continuity of Prime Minister Cavallo and his Convertibility Plan, which with great success was "turning" Argentina into a docile, manageable, illiterate country , unjust and hungry; without access to health, or education, or any of the basic needs of every human being, the number of anesthetized patients who were suffering from the effects, added to that of children already grown up and wanting to change things it reached its "critical mass" on December 20. His first reaction was to make noise, a lot of noise, enough to finish waking up once and for all and forever, the necessary to be heard from all over the planet, so that everyone knows that after more than twenty years the People of the Argentine Nation had woken up. And that not even lead and gases, obsolete weapons of the now Old Republic, would stop him again.

Foundation of a New Argentine Republic?

The Power of Neoliberalism in Argentina is great, it is rooted, it is intelligent and it is very well organized thanks to several decades of experience and the logistical and economic support of the Great Universal Puppeteer, these days called the United States. The Argentine People faces a powerful adversary, but it can be stronger and defeat it if it unites in pursuit of common objectives, of a different Country, where the rights of its inhabitants are not subjugated daily and above all, fair and supportive.
Hundreds of Popular Assemblies have been created, where every day people are very awakened to debate the project of the country in which they want to live and what they want for their children, what country is needed so that those who have had to leave wish come back, because we need them. To all. To those who left in these years because Argentina is changing and to those who left a long time ago because they can teach us those of us who overflow with desire, but we do not know how to do it. Because we are new to this and we have no experience. Come back, this is the moment, because if we do it without you, you will reproach yourself for not having participated and if we lose, if we don't, it will be even worse for you to think that you didn't even try.

A little thought

Both Popular Assemblies, such as the Piqueteros Movement, the Unemployed, the Ecologists and Socialists as well as the NGOs of all kinds are the beginning, they are the return to life of a Society that needs, as never before, the participation of each and every one of us To be stronger, to be able to face it without fear of being defeated and with the unequivocal conviction that "the united people will never be defeated."
Personally, I have participated in some of these Assemblies and although I believe that we all still have to learn a lot about civics, participating in them is the best way to do it. In the Assemblies, many ideas that we all have about what we want and mainly about those we do not want anymore are heard. But there is something that we have to be very clear about, the only way to make these just requests come true is to go step by step, and the first step is undoubtedly to get rid of this political class that we carry in our backpack and that we do not It is going to let us advance as we need it, because they are not going to carry out the change that the People need, they respond to other commands, to other interests very contrary to ours.
We have to put all our efforts in changing not only the President, but starting from the bottom, demanding elections in our municipalities, to elect new mayors, new provincial legislators, new governors and new Provincial courts of justice. In order to then choose new national authorities that are not protected by party apparatuses with the power to manage their small areas of influence. Because the Nation is the sum of each of those areas that are now "managed" by those who are still in power.

Through this path that we have undertaken, a better Argentina is possible.

* Ricardo D. Natalichio
Director of
[email protected]

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