Faced with climate change, the UN proposes to create urban forests

Faced with climate change, the UN proposes to create urban forests

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This is one of the possible solutions that experts study to the uncontrolled growth of cities, especially in Africa and Asia.

The United Nations has reported that it is studying the possibility of planting urban forests in Africa and Asia, four times the size of Hong Kong as a strategy against climate change.

The FAO has indicated that the uncontrolled processes of urbanization in Africa and Asia are contributing to the climate crisis, so the planting of trees could benefit air quality and would eliminate the risk of flooding and land degradation.

Growth of urban areas

FAO is considering creating half a million hectares of urban forest before 2030. "If you look at the urbanization data, especially in some parts of Asia and Africa, you see that it is happening“Said Simone Borelli, an FAO expert on urban forest issues.

For example, Chinese cities are growing very fast and in 20 years there could be a 20 to 30 percent increase in demographics.", Borelli asserted before arguing that"Unless we start planting now it will be too late“.

If the plan is carried out, urban forests could reduce the temperature by up to 8ºC and also lower the costs of using air conditioning by up to 40%, according to FAO data. With 70% of the world's population living in cities by 2050, the majority in Africa and Asia, the environmental impact of urbanization could worsen the situation with no possibility of finding a solution.

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