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Vegetarian Calzone Pizza Recipe

Vegetarian Calzone Pizza Recipe

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Delicious calzone pizza recipe to entertain diners. The ingredients are few and can be had on hand, at least in its canned version, for those of us who hate that our vegetables spoil. Optionally, cheese can also be added to the preparation with which we are going to fill it.

Vegetarian calzone pizza ingredients

For the mass:

250 gr of flour
150 ml of warm water
8 grams of fresh yeast or 3 grams of instant dry yeast
5 grams of salt
40 ml of olive oil.

For the filling:

Fried tomato (sauce)
Rolled mushrooms
Artichoke hearts (can be canned)
Cheese (optional)


-To prepare the dough, mix the flour with the water, the salt, the yeast and the oil.

-We knead until we achieve a smooth ball, which does not stick to the fingers.

-Let it rest for at least half an hour and stretch with the roller to give it the desired shape and thickness.

-Once we have the dough stretched, we distribute the fried tomato sauce over the entire surface.

-Then we add, only in half of the dough, the sliced ​​mushrooms, the chopped artichoke hearts and if we wish, a little cheese. Any fatty cheese will do, especially Mozzarella.

-Fold the dough in half, taking into account that no holes are formed and close the edges.

-Then we place it on a tray and put it in the oven for 12 to 15 minutes at 225ºC.

-Finally we take them out of the oven, let them cool a little and serve.


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