The founder of the Blackstone vulture fund, one of Trump's biggest donors, behind the Amazon deforestation

The founder of the Blackstone vulture fund, one of Trump's biggest donors, behind the Amazon deforestation

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Two Brazilian companies that are partially owned by a major donor to US President Donald Trump and Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell bear much of the responsibility for the continued destruction of the Amazon rainforest.

"A carnage that has turned into raging fires that have captured world attention", as reported by a recent article in The Intercept. These two companies are Hidrovias do Brasil and Pátria Investimentos, both owned by the US investment company Blackstone, whose co-founder and CEO is Stephen Schwarzman, a close ally of Trump.

These companies "They have taken control" of several hectares of land in the Amazon rainforest, building a controversial highway to its new shipping terminal in Miritituba, run by Hidrovias do Brasil, in the Brazilian state of Pará, to facilitate the cultivation and export of grains and soybeans.

A few months ago, the Bolsonaro government announced that Hidrovias do Brasil would improve a highway in Mato Groso, doubling its grain shipping capacity to 13 million tons and boosting deforestation. "The development of the road itself causes deforestation, but more importantly, it helps to make possible a broader transformation of the Amazon by turning jungle into farmland", reads the article.

"The effort to transform the Amazon from a tropical forest into a source of income for agribusiness is fundamental to the conflict, and is related to the fires that are raging today", continues the note.

Source: Spanish Revolution

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