Water is worth more than the Universe

Water is worth more than the Universe

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There is no doubt that the Universe is expanding as fast as poverty is expanding rapidly on Earth.

We spend millions of dollars to build space junk that we launch into outer space, although we know that 2 billion people inside planet Earth are dying of hunger and thirst because they do not have the right to a measly drop of water.

Poor people cry out loud, because there is no food on the table to feed a fanciful hope, which never expects a glimmer of solidarity from its neighbor.

With each tear shed in the river of bitterness, one yearns to calm the desire for divine justice. But an injustice is lived daily, and there are not enough tears in the divine desert, to appease the legendary cry of the poor people.

Our selfishness justifies social indifference, because thanks to science we will colonize the sidereal galaxies, and our ignorance justifies racial intolerance, because water cannot change the dirty color of black people.

With soap and water we shower to feel clean on the outside, but inside there is dirt that eats away at the body and pulverizes the soul, because sins cannot be cleaned with soap and water, they simply cannot be erased from the body.

For this reason, the poor people of the world have been crying in pain for 24 hours, to deepen the taste of a salty naked tear, which will not be enough food to quench the thirst of anguish, and which will break the mirror broken by so many broken dreams.

When you feel thirsty, drink water to quench your thirst. It's a privilege, it's a miracle, it's a hallelujah. You are unaware of your good fortune, and you never share the saving grace of a drop of water, because we live imprisoned in the unconsciousness of pride.

Pride represents the impurity, the indecency and the immorality of Man. Water signifies the purity, decency and mercy of the World.

Man became an image of the World, and the World became a mirror of Man.

We do not want to share water with people who suffer a health emergency, due to the lack of vital liquid in many communities in Latin America, because we do not feel empathy for compatriots who swallow liters of apathy and drought.

But poor people do not envy the water of rich people, and with fervent prayer they always thank God, because their rich brothers enjoy drinking water to quench their thirst, being a genuine feeling that is experienced with humility, to forgive the wounds that heal with gall and Salt.

I know that water is worth more than the Universe, because without water we cannot count the stars in the sky, because without water we cannot photograph the flowers, because without water we cannot outshine the sunlight, because without water we cannot inherit the great inheritance dela Pachamama, and because without water we cannot count sheep at dawn.

We are all slaves to water, and there is too much slavery on Earth.

We don't share cold water, we don't share warm water, we don't share hot water. We do not share absolutely nothing, because water is a commodity of commercial origin, which belongs to the great capitalist system of the 21st century.

If you want a damn drop of water to quell the heat in your family, you must first get money out of your pockets to legally buy the illegal drop of water.

The customer can also pay for the damn drop of water, using their damn MasterCard, Visa and AmericanExpress credit card.

Foreign consumers can pay for the damn drop of water by making a damn bank transfer via PayPal, but returns will not be accepted for drops stained with the damn vinegar.

Water is also bought and sold in the famous Holy Land, where the Good Samaritans who yesterday shared biblical water with the poor are now ambitious entrepreneurs who sell the best tourist packages, so that the thousands of wealthy Christians who travel by plane to the regions of Holy Land, buy the most sanctified aguabendita sold in your Hollywood hotels.

The transnationals continue to poison the waters of the seven seas, to manufacture the saliva that is obtained by spitting on the industrialized dome of the Vatican, and that is sold in all the supermarkets of our Latin American cities.

While the Pharisees continue to say that no one is denied water, Humanity continues to preach the infinite love of the eternal gospel, after the Chinese got tired of raping the Honduran, after the gringo got tired of exploiting the Somali in labor, and then that the Swede tore the clothes of the beautiful Iranian.

For a drop of water the sky is prostituted, faith is prostituted, the earth is prostituted.

Brothers and sisters, water that you must not drink, let it run through Eden. Run, run a lot, run a lot, because with the sweat of the tares, an empire of wheat can also be built, and for a paltry drop of water that calms so much loneliness, we can travel the ocean without fear of drowning in mediocrity.

It is true that water is worth more than the Universe, but water can NOT be worth more than our dignity, because if for a drop of water we are willing to lose our dignity, then we will not be able to evolve for a multipolar future.

But the unipolar character that currently governs the dust of the Earth, leaves us without rains in South America, leaves us without showers in Central America, and leaves us with floods of silver in North America, which exacerbate the cultural segregation of our peoples, and consolidate latent social inconveniences, such as dangerous undocumented Hispanic immigration, profitable human trafficking, criminal gangs, terrorist attacks and vandalism.

We see that the desire to drink good water expresses our innate sense of survival, and we should not wait for a homeless or homeless person to ask us for a little water, to wonder if we will be or not be in solidarity with the needy individual, who desperately needs food, water and clothing to survive.

We were not invited to the wedding feast at Cana, so our faith must overcome fictional stories, and must use our hands to remedy the storms of the present.

We know that water can be medicine for the sick, it can be salvation for the wicked, and it can be healing for the lepers.

Sometimes we feel bad, and just by drinking a little water, we feel good.

The healing substance that cannot be manufactured by the best pharmaceutical laboratory in the world, can be obtained and will be drunk through the nature of living water.

We know that water is more resilient than steel, because it knows how to overcome the traumas in the storm, because it knows how to swim against the current, because it knows how to come out of the darkness unscathed, because it knows how to regain its first spirit, and because it knows what it has to know.

Therefore, water is our best ally in life, it is our greatest source of wisdom, and it is an opportunity for endogenous growth.

When we close our eyes and sleep peacefully, knowing that there are people in our community without access to drinking water, because of the privatization of natural resources that governments undertake, then again we become the classic Roman executioners, who did not have a heartbeat. heart to exercise altruism.

It is difficult for you to understand the background of the water bottle, because our carnal eyes did not learn to get along with spiritual eyes.

We get used to squandering our bills, buying and drinking the best narcotic liqueurs, the best sugary soft drinks and the best energizing juices.

Water is worth more than the Universe, it means that we must rescue the fundamental values ​​for healthy coexistence in freedom, remembering our humanistic sense of helping, without expecting to receive anything in return.

No matter how accelerated and surprising the technological development of the World may be, it is undeniable that there is an existential crisis at the global level, which is trying to mask and hide because of a long-standing capitalist tyranny, which although it considers the extreme social inequality that we are experiencing as "normal", we must retrieve the compass from an amorphous beast named Humanity.

The amazing science wants you to lust until the climax of the Universe, and I assure you that the new exoplanet will be 100% habitable by Human Beings, but as we build the expensive spacecraft that will take us to the very expensive new mansion, we must remember that there are brothers of flesh and blood like you and me, who live locked up and crammed into the worst burrows on earth.

Silenced and humiliated Latin American compatriots, who live like the hairy rats in the garbage dumps, without water, without electricity, without pipes, without education, without diapers, without friends, without enemies, without condoms, without goals, without drugs, without words.

However, the resilience of poor people is wonderful, because while a rich Irishman committed suicide because his father died without saying goodbye, there is also a poor Haitian capable of withstanding fifty earthquakes of misfortune, for a holy drop of water to quench the thirst of his three young children. .

So don't expect the UN to fill your undernourished canteen, don't expect NASA to wet your lips with honey, don't expect the WHO to measure your waist width, don't expect CNN to film your gunk in high definition, and don't expect the IMF to soak your dirty underpants.

Every year, the arsenal of rockets, probes, ferries, satellites, scouting vehicles, soccer balls and androids, which crowd and robotize the heavenly streets of the Universe, is applauded with sensational joy, while a poor Salvadoran family that lives in the neighborhoods of the Earth, had no He had no food for breakfast, he had no food for lunch, and he had no food for dinner at night.

We are so miserable! Approximately 70% of the surface of planet Earth is covered by water, but there are more than 2 billion people who suffer on planet Earth, because they do not have a drop of water to quell the fatal impunity.

God provided enough water to prevent the corruption of his Earth, but we chose to eat the apples and buy the new iPhone, to continue stealing the host that could desalinate egotism, and that could make the water of poor people drinkable.

There is no exorcism ritual that can destroy the mark of the beast, and don't you dare shake the stone of capitalist stinkiness, because the system always destroys the failed Communist crazies.

We simply vomit up all the miserable metal junk, intended to enrage the helm of all the Milky Way's asteroids and meteorites, tempted to enter and fiercely penetrate the surface of the Earth, to break the cursed applause of Anglo-Saxon despotism, and to dine on a brilliant night with the poor Salvadoran family.

While having dinner with the poor Salvadoran families, we recognize the very serious process of disinformation, carried out both by the private media and the oligarchic press agencies, which highlight all the trivial news about the famous rover Curiosity located on Mars, but refuse to publish the journalistic reports on the extreme. poverty that the Earth suffers, so that the audience slept, misinformed, and obsessed with the lies of the curious red planet.

We build magnificent telescopes to discover the hidden treasures of the Universe, although we all know the magnificent poverty revealed within planet Earth, but we do not want to look down and solve the famine of the Earthlings, because it is easier to look up and contemplate the pleasure of lies.

A damn lie that has its megalomaniac countdown, and that always takes off from the erect pride of Cape Canaveral, where we swear to be the true genesis described by Moses, although we are still the retrograde soldiers of Golgotha.

All space missions forget our one special mission: to share the water with the poor people of Earth. It is an impossible mission to fulfill successfully, because our planet suffers an involution from north to south and from east to west.

The rules established by the international capitalist regime show that the astronaut may end up being a vagabond in the street, but the vagabond will never end up being a space astronaut.

Ham the chimpanzee was always right, the arms race uses geopolitical power to kill any hominid rebel. The space race is a prestigious circus show, which impoverishes the collective intelligence. The humanitarian race uses the cross of Calvary, to justify the holy blood of the corpses.

Even a primate understood that races always end in tragedy, because if we all compete to win, all losers will compete for revenge, and all winners will compete again, to ratify the vicious circle of enmity.

Therefore, there is so much poverty everywhere, and that maxim will never change in life.

But material poverty is not compared to intellectual poverty, and intellectual poverty is not compared to spiritual poverty.

The capitalist poison that continues to poison the ashes of the Earth, does not want to give a drop of drinking water to the poor people of the world, because illiterate entrepreneurs need to sell water with a maximum profit margin, so that the illiterate directors of corporations and their illiterate majority shareholders , can transform water into a solid financial infrastructure, which is quoted in the market with the best price offered, and which continues to rise until the closing of the stock market.

The weight of water is greater than the weight of the Universe, and a drop of water is a seed with a pair of wings, which will germinate to fly far away from the three fallen angels.

Let us remember that not everything that shines is alive, because the slaps of fate put your bare feet on the Earth, so that the fire turns you into a virtuous jewel of good deeds.

Let's not use our intellect to write imaginary claims. It is better to write down all the philanthropic works that we did and that we will do thanks to our good discernment, hoping to illuminate the arduous path of many Hispanic brothers, who will dare to fight for a more equitable and less anarchic world.

We do not hate the future of astronomical research, but it generates sadness and despair to know that millions of dollars are spent annually, to build absurd space machines that will travel to the ends of the Universe, with the aim of finding water in the extraordinary Martian soils, where there is no knowledge of the lack of it. of drinking water on our Earth.

It would be a humanly feasible fact, to take advantage of the economic income destined for the foolish space race, to build gigantic desalination plants and gigantic water purification machines, which allow to convert the water contaminated by so much environmental pollution, into a new source of living water for all people, who die starving in the suburbs of the Earth.

The sustainable and sustainable ecosocialism that the globe begs for, is capable of respecting the holism of the Environment, and is capable of providing living water to the most dispossessed brothers of the Earth, without harming the great ecosystems of marine biodiversity, which continue to suffer from terrible spills. of hydrocarbons on its coasts, because of the capitalist abuses linked to oil exploitation.

A dolphin on the high seas anointed with the power of the eco-socialist spirit, can baptize the blue water and share the springs with the poor, without excluding race, creed, language or tribe.

However, poverty continues to grow in the hellish streets of the chaotic Universe, because capitalism worships and worships the magnetoplasma engine with variable specific impulse, while trampling and destroying the water desalination plant in Venezuela, which although it is not capable of traveling fast to the planet Mars , is very capable of calming the sediment of living water that the Earth demands.

The forecasted future for inhuman Humanity looks as reddish as the flame of a burning fossil fuel, which burns over and over again until the last dawn.

In the coming years, the wealthy Christians will change the earthly tourism in the Holy Land for the novel space tourism in the fascinating Solar System, and the tourists will not feel guilty for paying the gluttony of the great stellar journey, while the homeless angels who roam in the darkness of the Earth, they will not have gold coins to buy the lettuce for a hamburger, and they will not have life to share the living water.

To share living water is to donate blood in hospitals, it is to donate blankets to young people without shelters, it is to rescue pets that groan in the squares, it is to give a piece of sweet bread to the beggars, it is to repudiate the payment of tithe in Christian churches that they do not help anyone, it is sponsoring and adopting an orphan so as not to continue procreating and saturating the same garden, it is doing the task that no one wants to do.

Perhaps we forget that our only refuge of life is planet Earth, because we cannot live in the rings of Saturn, we cannot live in the aurora of Jupiter, and we cannot live in the craters of Venus.

Perhaps we forget that Satan has the power to anger our brains, because we compete like animals to gain more followers on social media, and we think that chivalry is the title of a new series on Netflix.

Perhaps we forget that cancer continues to be an incurable disease, because without water there is no chemotherapy, without water there is palliative care, and without water there is no grave rest.

If we really are Human Beings, it is not possible that we want to conquer the Universe in record time, knowing that on Earth there are millions of people without access to drinking water, without pills to control depression, and without pillows to forget about nightmares.

The problem is that no one wants to help anyone for free, and we do not want to recognize the nefarious sectarianism of the elites, because the Americans have already planted their flag on the Moon, because the Asians have already prostituted the hidden side of the Moon, and because the Europeans have already recruited the African who will replace Laika.

Today I do not curse, today I do not protest, today I sob. We don't want poor people, we don't want rich people, we just want decent people on Earth. We want to live in the new Aeon of Dignity, where only worthy people deserve to wake up every morning, with a big smile, wanting borders, breaking flags, breaking armies.

Finally the sadness of the year 2020 arrived, I feel a mysterious sense of the future when writing it, although I also feel sorry for the Humanity of the 21st century, because I believe that things will get worse and worse, and I would not want to face the next challenges of the Cosmos, with a pessimistic face that reduces the gap of optimism, but you only have to look at the violence that exists on a global scale, to clarify a terrible scene full of genocides by human decision.

There is no law, there is no science, there is no religion, that can discriminate the universal human right to drink water, but there is a plague of mosquitoes and dictators who kidnap and prohibit the freedom to drink water, because the beast has six horns bleeding with the six spines, which they pierce the hydrogen and chip the oxygen from the six gorges.

Although I do not know if there will be enough living water on Earth, to continue healing the wounds of the victims of wars, I am sure that the Universe will reward my efforts to promote pacifism, and I will die with the promise of resuscitating in a civilization without tears and without tears. .

Water in abundance for all the children of the World, and we will overflow the cup of a more thoughtful, more responsible and more charitable society.

By Carlos Ruperto Fermín

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