Closca Bottle; the glass bottle that wants to save the oceans

Closca Bottle; the glass bottle that wants to save the oceans

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Closca is a design studio based in Valencia. His first project was Closca Helmet, a folding helmet designed for comfort, both for use and transport with a simple and timeless design.

Now the brand presents Closca Bottle, a reusable and 100% recyclable glass bottle that began as a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and which, due to the great success obtained on both platforms, could become a social movement to end bottles of plastic.

Closca Bottle; your last bottle

Currently the world buys 1 million plastic bottles per minute and, if it continues like this, by 2021 its consumption will be alarming, close to 1 billion a year. For this reason, Closca Bottle has the watchword to be your last bottle. We all need to consume water on a daily basis, but why not do it in a sustainable way?

Design, innovation and environmental awareness

With about 30,000 units sold per month, Closca Bottle is the perfect solution to end it.

Closca Bottle is made with one of the most resistant glasses on the market (borosilicate), a material that respects water and does not add flavor and is 100% BPA free.

Simplicity is its great added value. The bottle is coated with biodegradable silicone and has a flap capable of attaching the bottle to any backpack strap, bag or bicycle bar.

It has two caps, one in the upper part through which the drink is ingested and the other lower one that facilitates cleaning. In addition, one of the accessories it has is a filter for infusions, so that you can take that tea that you like so much with you wherever you go.

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