China breeds cockroaches to eat garbage, feed pigs, and make medicine

China breeds cockroaches to eat garbage, feed pigs, and make medicine

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Everyone tries to eliminate them, however in the eastern country, cockroaches are turned into food for farm animals or are used to make products of traditional medicine and cosmetics.

In Jinan, China, billions of these insects are raised to devour waste and become food for pigs and other farm animals. "It's turning garbage into resources," said Li Hongyi, president of the company that runs it, with the idea of ​​a circular and sustainable economy.

The garbage problem in China is very big. In its capital Beijing alone, it produces around 25,000 tons of garbage every day, and that is far more than can be disposed of through garbage dumps. For this reason, the experts analyzed that cockroaches could be a great solution to the problem, eating almost a third of the problem.

The Qiaobin Agricultural Technology Company keeps about 1 billion cockroaches outside Shandong and feeds them 50 tons of waste per day.

After being left to decompose and be treated, the waste is sent through a network of pipes to a shed where insects, living in the dark, can ingest it. When the cockroaches die they go to other companies that transform them into protein feed for pigs and other farm animals.

"We spent six years researching the use of roaches after discovering that they can feed on kitchen waste and not create contaminants," explained Li Yanrong, general manager of Qiaobin Agricultural Technology.

The roach business is flourishing, because in addition to selling them as feed for pig farms and as feed for fishing, it is also in high demand from pharmaceutical companies.

According to Wen Jianguo, director of Gooddoctor, a company that has raised about six billion cockroaches: "The essence of cockroaches is useful to treat oral and peptic ulcers, skin wounds and even stomach cancer", and then beauty masks, slimming pills and even hair loss treatments, it has many properties that we were ignorant of.

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