Attack on the indigenous peoples of India. Urgent action

Attack on the indigenous peoples of India. Urgent action

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The indigenous peoples of India face a double attack. In February the Supreme Court of India ordered the expulsion of a vast number of indigenous people and forest dwellers, in a decision that represents an "unprecedented catastrophe".

In addition, the Government, advised by the CEO of WWF India, intends to change the country's Forest Law.

His proposals include the militarization of India's forests, with park rangers authorized to shoot people on the spot with immunity from prosecution, and the ability to strip tribal peoples of their rights to their forests in the name of conservation. of the nature.

We know this kind of militarized conservation well: In just three years in India's Kaziranga National Park, 50 people were shot to death, and a seven-year-old boy was mutilated for life.

None of this will help save India's tigers and forests - indigenous peoples are the best conservationists and guardians of their lands.

We cannot allow these expulsions or dangerous changes to the law. Please send an email to the ministers of India right now to urge them to stop these attacks on the rights of indigenous and tribal peoples.

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Subject: Attack on the rights of indigenous peoples in India

For the attention of Ministers Munda and Javadekar:

The indigenous peoples of India face a deadly threat to their lives and livelihoods: from the Supreme Court's expulsion order and from plans to militarize their forests and undermine their forest rights through the proposed amendments to the Indian Forest Act (IFA).

It is of crucial importance for the future of the indigenous and tribal peoples of India (as well as the forests of the country) that these mass expulsions do not occur. I urge the Government to do everything possible to appeal to the Supreme Court to stop the expulsions.

I also ask that you withdraw the changes proposed to the IFA and restart the process, with full consultation with the indigenous people who have inhabited, managed and protected forests for generations. It is essential that the IFA is amended in line with the Forest Rights Act of India.


Source: Survival

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