Impossible: Veggie “Burger” looks and tastes the same as meat

Impossible: Veggie “Burger” looks and tastes the same as meat

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Beyond Meat enhances your burger with better marbling and complete protein. It also browns better as it cooks.

Starting this week, Beyond Meat is selling a new "meaty" version of its Beyond Burger that the company claims is a complete protein source and looks and tastes more like real meat.

The new burger uses a combination of coconut oil and cocoa to mimic the look and taste of "marbling," the white, fatty specks found in meat that contribute to its rich flavor. The burger also uses apple extract so that it browns more as it cooks.

Although the burger contains the same 20 grams of protein as before, its combination of pea, mung bean and rice protein means that it is now a source of “complete protein,” containing each of the nine amino acids that are needed in a diet. human. Complete protein can be difficult to obtain without having to turn to meat or other animal-derived foods like milk and cheese, but Beyond Meat's products are all vegan. They also use a traditional mix for complete vegetarian proteins: beans and rice.

The new burger has been developed as part of what Beyond Meat calls its "fast and relentless" development process. In a Vergecast interview, Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown says this development process is designed "to try and get the product you just bought out of date as quickly as possible."

Beyond Meat, and its main competitor for meatless burgers, Impossible Foods, have seen great success this year. Beyond Meat's sales tripled in the last quarter, and the company expects to break even this year. Meanwhile, Impossible Foods is now selling its Impossible burger at Burger Kings across the country, and both companies' burgers are available at a wide range of other burger chains. However, there have been growing pains, the Wall Street Journal recently reported that both companies are struggling to keep up with demand for their burgers.

Beyond Meat's new burger will be available starting this week at stores like Whole Foods, Kroger, Safeway, Publix, Wegmans, Target, and Sprouts. Look for a little red label on its packaging that says "Now even meatier" to make sure you get the new burger.

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