These are the differences between organic, vegan and natural cosmetics

These are the differences between organic, vegan and natural cosmetics

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At present, the environmentalist and animal protection movements around the world stand out and in this line cosmetics that immerse themselves in the organic, natural and vegan universe are also incorporated.

“Consumers are increasingly attentive to the composition and development of their skin and hair care products. Chemistry and scientific research allow us to develop sustainable and at the same time effective solutions for their new needs ”, explains the innovation in personal care at BASF Argentina, Silvina Quintana Lazópulos, in a note with Infobae, in which she differentiated natural cosmetics organic and vegan.

Characteristics of each one:

-Natural cosmetics: they must not have silicones, preservatives, artificial colors, parabens, ingredients of animal origin or mineral oils and must contain a higher proportion of natural raw materials, without the need for them to be organic. People with more sensitive and delicate skin look for these products, with more sustainable formulas.

"The trends show us that the active ingredients derived from argan and coconut oils, the cassia tree or the moringa seed are going strong," said Quintana about the natural ingredients that are a trend in beauty products.

-Organic products: for skin or hair care, they must have 95% organic raw materials in relation to the total amount of natural raw materials used in the formulation. Organic cosmetics come from raw materials that went through a production process free of pesticides or fertilizers.

Consumers looking for organic products are interested in understanding the origin of the ingredients and if the production of cosmetics is really socially and economically sustainable.

-Cosmetics and vegan products: they do not have ingredients of animal origin and cannot be tested on animals. They usually belong to brands that support the cruelty free seal and that do not test on animals or use derivatives of animals, such as milk, beeswax, collagen or gelatin.

"The formulas, the naturalness of the ingredients and the origin of the raw materials are some of the characteristics that mark the differences between a vegan, organic or natural product", concluded the expert in personal care related to cosmetics.


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