Tips for recycling electronic waste

Tips for recycling electronic waste

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Theelectronics, thecomputing and thenew technologies They have burst into our lives like an elephant in a china shop. Our lifestyle and even our way of seeing the world has changed forever and there is no going back. All of this has brought with it a much easier and faster life around which the next few decades will revolve.

HeenvironmentLikewise, it has benefited from all these advances since the paper we used a few decades ago has nothing to do with today. Today, screens have replaced folios, books and brochures, something that our forests are glad of.

Electronics, in any case, also brings with it a series ofwaste that we must learn to deal with. Old appliances such as mice, hard drives, and desktops should never be left in the middle of the street next to garbage bins as they have items that are extremely difficult to deal with in a landfill.

These are sometips that will help us know what to do withelectronic devices that have deformed part of our lives:

  • Computer stores. Any establishment of this type orcomponent distributor ( will agree to take over old technological devices related to the world of computing. It will do it, of course, for free in the vast majority of cases since although the different parts can be of help in various repairs, it is not an urgent aspect for them and therefore they will not pay to get them. They also do not usually collect electronic waste at home, so we have to transport it to the store.
  • Go to aclean point. These are closed and controlled facilities in which residents of cities with more than 5,000 inhabitants can deposit all those waste that should not end up in the different containers on the public highway. They are totally free, although once again we will have to go to their location. They are usually located on the outskirts of the town and have a pre-established schedule.
  • Return tomaker. For some years the different companies have been able to keep the device that we are going to replace with the purchase of a new one. In these cases, they must pick it up at our home and some of them even lower the price of the new product with said delivery.
  • Find him aalternative use, such as keeping it connected to the television to watch movies, Netflix or football through an HDMI cable. In the same way, we can tear it apart and give it different uses as a decoration item. Our environmental environment will certainly appreciate it.
  • HeHDD Although we no longer use it, the storage capacity of our old computer is a treasure that we can exploit as if it were a hard disk. In fact, it is not necessary to use all the hardware since by removing the hard drive from the inside we can move it comfortably. Without going further, more than one component distributor markets housings and cases for use in these cases.

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