Controversial ranch in Textas receives endangered animals and allows their hunting

Controversial ranch in Textas receives endangered animals and allows their hunting

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In Hill Country County, southwest Texas, is the Ox Ranch where endangered animal species are “sheltered” and also allowed to hunt.

The place works as a theme park for adults. It features luxurious cabins, a private jet runway, and a 1,800-square-meter lodge. Customers can drive a WW2 tank, shoot with machine guns, or worse: hunt down some of the species taking advantage of the ambiguous existing laws on exotic animals. The ranch is neither an animal shooting range nor a zoo, a legal vacuum that they take advantage of.

The space's executive director, Jason Molitor, explained that for the price paid to hunt an antelope ($ 35,000), they can feed the rest of the same species for a year.

The Ox Ranch argues that they conserve wildlife by protecting, housing and feeding their specimens, but to sustain the space, they allow paid hunting of some.

Many animal protection organizations are outraged and have made the corresponding complaint, but the existing law on the hunting of exotic animals is lax and confusing, so the justice cannot intervene.

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