Nigeria: pineapple plantations destroy rainforest

Nigeria: pineapple plantations destroy rainforest

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It is right where Odey Oyama is located, and a dense jungle would have to grow there. But the Dangote firm has cleared the forests to establish plantations of a tropical fruit: pineapple.

"The company violates Nigerian laws," says Odey: "We must eliminate the plantations within the National Park."

Where is Odey Oyama a jungle would have to grow
dense. The area is part of the Cross River National Park in Nigeria. But the Dangote firm has cut down the forests to establish pineapple plantations. "The company violates Nigerian laws," says Odey: "We must eliminate the plantations within the National Park"

Environmentalist Odey Oyama discovers recently felled logs and a sawmill on the edge of the pineapple plantation. It is clear: they are cutting down the forests for plantations and violating Nigerian law.

It is clear to him: the company continues to cut down and expand the plantations. "It is prohibited within the national park," he says visibly affected.

Cross River, a particularly biodiverse area of ​​the planet, has been a national park since 1989 to protect the habitat of colobus, baboons and elephants. With success: while the rest of Nigeria has almost completely lost its forests, here they have been preserved.

But now there are companies that have obtained concessions to establish plantations on its southern border and the park is in danger. It is mostly palm oil. The Dansa company plays an important role: it produces pineapple juices, among others. Dansa is part of the empire of Alhaji Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa, whose empire is built on the cement business.

Dangote's pineapple plantations are part of a multi-million dollar business. Nowhere in the world are there pineapple plantations as large as in Nigeria, where they cover 182,000 hectares. Dangote has secured the concession of 75,000 hectares. One of the concessions is entirely within the national park and the other partially.

In a letter to Odey Oyama, lawyers for the company reject the allegations and threaten to sue Odey.

Dangote is trying to finance the expensive construction of a $ 11 billion oil refinery. For the project, it has requested a loan from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a subsidiary of the World Bank.

"The world bank must deny credit to Dangote, until the pineapples have disappeared from the National Park," Odey Oyama demands. Support this petition with your signature.

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