First traditional medicine house inaugurated

First traditional medicine house inaugurated

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The secretary of Rural Development and Equity for Communities, Rosa Icela Rodríguez, reported that this house received 140 thousand pesos from the agency for the habilitation of a temazcal, massage area and toilets, and is part of the 31 houses that are established in the capital.

He added that in the Tepeyolotli House, of the curandero Cutberto Flores, beneficiary of the program of traditional and herbal medicine in Mexico City, treatments will be provided for muscle pain, nerves, as well as stomach ailments or circulation and blood pressure disorders.

He said that joint work is required with academic institutions such as the National Autonomous Universities of Mexico (UNAM), the Autonomous Metropolitan (UAM), the Autonomous of Chapingo and the Autonomous of Mexico City, with whom in the last two years the They have generated informational materials on the healing properties of medicinal plants.

The capital official expressed that it is important to continue with the dissemination of traditional medicine as an alternative for health care, in order to promote the cultural richness and heritage of the original towns and neighborhoods of Mexico City.

He explained that around the world traditional medicine has resurfaced as a less aggressive alternative to allopathic medicine, in addition to having a lower risk of side effects, which is why international universities and pharmaceutical companies dedicate personnel and financial resources to take advantage of the advantages of this ancestral practice.

Meanwhile, Evangelina Hernández, General Director of Equity for Peoples and Communities, stressed that before this, in Mexico City, the right of healers to practice traditional medicine and to preserve herbal medicine is guaranteed.

On the occasion Ernestina Morales, healer at the Tepeyolotli house, commented to the public servant that people from Brazil, Slovakia, Costa Rica and Colombia have come to this place to receive treatments or to impart therapies such as acupuncture.

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