A zoo forces its elephants to wash tourists' cars

A zoo forces its elephants to wash tourists' cars

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Every day the world surprises us with sad news about the abuses that animals must endure in various parts of the planet. They are innocent victims of our selfish and irresponsible behavior that we all have to take responsibility for.

Much of this suffering is concentrated in zoos or other places of entertainment where animals have a leading role and their sad mission is to amuse tourists. This is the case of the Wildlife Safari in Winston, where the elephants are forced to wash the cars of those who come to visit this controversial enclosure.

It is one of the services offered by the center, and it consists of the poor animal washing the car with the help of a sponge smeared in soap and water, all for $ 25. Meanwhile, fun visitors can film and photograph the elephant from inside the vehicle.

As part of the service, the animals must also perform other activities such as dancing, painting pictures with their trunks and posing for customers to take selfies with them.

This situation has aroused the indignation of several groups that defend animals, so much so that there is already an online petition to end the torture that elephants must endure in this zoo, chosen one of the worst in the United States.

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