Anisakis and other allergies are solved with the Perilla frutescens plant

Anisakis and other allergies are solved with the Perilla frutescens plant

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The alternative that some doctors give for Anisakis is to take Albendazole, a drug that is given to expel this parasite, with many contraindications including fetal deformations and altered semen in men.

Eating raw fish can lead to, apparently, not only allergies clearly defined as caused by Anisakis, some of them life-threatening, but up to 50% of food intolerances can be covertly induced by this parasite, according to Manuel Segovia. , Professor of Microbiology at the University of Murcia.

Years ago, the University of Granada discovered the potential of this plant to neutralize Anisakis, but the Administration, blind to the advances in Phytotherapy, hides them from the general public and has even ordered the withdrawal of some herbalist.

We can already lose respect for this parasite if we have Perilla frutescens in our balcony, garden or orchard.
The Chinese, Japanese and other Orientals have known about this plant for millennia and that is why they use it in their kitchens to be able to enjoy raw fish in different preparations without fear.

And we can lose respect for antihistamine inhalers and forget about them with the use of this plant.

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