In Argentina they will reduce taxes for those who adopt stray dogs

In Argentina they will reduce taxes for those who adopt stray dogs

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A few days ago we learned the sad stories of Cholito and Chocolate, street dogs from Chile and Argentina, respectively, who died after being violently mistreated. And we frequently find out about the abuses that these animals suffer and must endure living on public roads.

Fortunately, from time to time some initiatives arise that seek to improve the conditions in which these dogs live. This is the case of the Alta Gracia municipality in the province of Córdoba, Argentina, which will reduce the property tax rate by 50 percent, among other benefits, to those who adopt dogs that live on the street, according to La Nación .

According to information from the Municipality, the benefit will be maintained for one year and also considers the delivery of a free bag of food per month and veterinary care at no cost.

"What we first wanted to attack is the number of complaints from neighbors about the dogs in public spaces, understanding that the municipality has to take charge," explains councilor Marcos Torres, one of the promoters of the measure along with various animal groups.

Undoubtedly a good measure that could be imitated in other localities that have not taken care of the large number of stray dogs that exist and that would give anything to be in a home with a family that loves them.

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