Is it true that the fruit after eating makes you fat?

Is it true that the fruit after eating makes you fat?

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Is there evidence that fruit makes us fat if we consume it after meals? We will not find them in any serious nutrition treatise or in databases of scientific studies, such as Medline and Cochrane. Not only that, but extensive population research shows that taking more units a day, whatever the time, prevents obesity, in addition to reducing the risk of suffering from various chronic diseases. If we add to this that our consumption is quite low, we will understand why nutritionists are horrified when they hear messages that can translate into a decrease in the intake of this more than healthy food.

In the case of the myth that eating fruit after eating makes you fatter, those who maintain it have spread the belief that fruit ferments in the stomach and ends up turning into sugar that the body stores in the form of fat. That is, fermentation multiplies the caloric intake of the fruit.

This belief does not have scientific consistency, since the fruit always contains the same calories, we consume it before, during or after eating. To that we must add the satiating power that the fruit has. Since it contains high doses of fiber, it makes the stomach feel full much earlier, which will prevent us from eating less of other things. That is why fruit can be the final culmination of a meal, because if we are hungry we can satisfy it by taking a piece of fruit. What we must take into account is the number of calories that each type of fruit provides, since each one has different levels. Choosing the least caloric ones is a good alternative to avoid gaining weight.

By Luis Otero

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