How a Trump victory can affect the environment

How a Trump victory can affect the environment

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By Jordi Barbeta

Donald Trump has said and promised many atrocities during the election campaign, but none has generated as much concern in the United States and the rest of the world as his denialist position on climate change and his promises to "save the coal industry and end the war against the miners".

Among the first actions that he promises to carry out if he conquers the White House is to untie his country from the Paris Agreement. However, a total of 375 American scientists, including 30 Nobel laureates, have recently warned of the risks that the Republican candidate's energy plan entails for humanity.

Trump believes that "the concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese to attack the competitiveness of American industry." It is a statement that he made via Twitter four years ago and that he later wanted to relativize. "It's from natural causes," he says now.

His energy program proposes to nullify all Obama actions that "are destructive of jobs", including the action plan on the climate. Trump stands as a savior of the coal industry, promises to renew the permit application for the Keystone pipeline (Canada-Gulf of Mexico), vetoed by Obama, and intends to promote the production of oil and natural gas. He has also said that he will cancel the Paris climate agreement and stop US funding for UN programs against global warming.

His proposals do not convince even experts in the sector, who see it as incompatible to play in favor of coal and natural gas at the same time. The brothers Charles and David Koch, oil industry moguls, who are also the most generous Republican donors, have distanced themselves from Trump, diverting millions of dollars that were supposed to support the presidential candidacy towards conservative candidates for the seat in the Senate and the House of Representatives to ensure that Republicans maintain control of Congress even if the president is Democrat Hillary Clinton.

It is quite probable then that, even conquering the presidency, Trump cannot carry out all his occurrences, but it would in any case mean a huge setback in the involvement of the leading economic power in the fight against climate change.

Trump does not convince the Koch Brothers, but it is clear that the oil industry lobby prefers him to Hillary Clinton, who promises to continue Obama's policy. It should not be forgotten that some of the ideas expressed by Trump also appear in the programmatic platform of the Republican Party approved at the Cleveland Convention last July. It was then that Noam Chomsky, a prestigious intellectual at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, declared to La Vanguardia that "the Republican Party has become so extreme in the policies it proposes and in its rhetoric that it poses a serious danger to the survival of the human being" .

The members of the National Academy of Sciences who were forced to speak did so in an open letter in which they warned: “Human-caused climate change is not a belief, a hoax or a conspiracy. It is a physical reality ”. And they add that "the consequences of the voluntary exclusion of the international community would be serious and long-lasting, for the climate of our planet and for the international credibility of the United States."

Also countless celebrities have spoken out against Trump's attitude. Without mentioning it, Leonardo di Caprio, who visited the White House last month, made a conclusive statement: “To someone who does not believe in climate change, who does not believe in facts, science, or empirical truths, my humble opinion, he should not be allowed to hold public office ”.

The vanguard

Video: David Livingston analyzes the effects of Trumps changes to environment regulations (June 2022).


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