BirdLife calls for citizen complicity with birds on its World Day

BirdLife calls for citizen complicity with birds on its World Day

Birds are the most endangered animal group on the planet and the most sensitive to sudden changes in the landscape or climate, and for this reason this year BirdLife International asks society to be an accomplice of their protection on its World Day.

Like every first weekend in October, Bird Day is celebrated all over the world with activities aimed at the general public and especially the little ones, with the aim of “getting their involvement and that each one contributes their bit of arena ”, Jesús Pinilla, SEO / BirdLife technician, explained to Efe.

In Spain, the NGO has organized more than 400 free activities under the slogan "Approach the Birds and fill yourself with nature" and has invited citizens to register their bird observations on its website and download the app designed for mobile devices.

Citizen involvement

It is about putting “citizen science at the service of nature conservation”, the NGO explains in a statement, since “the invaluable work of collaborators and volunteers allows exhaustive and often unpublished studies on birdlife to be carried out Spanish".

Jesús Pinilla recalled that "we have been looking for the complicity of the people for many years in an act of protest that is celebrated all over the world" and the truth is that society "is now more aware than 40 years ago".

However, "our generation has an easier time transforming the environment and is therefore more dangerous, since there is a weak balance between what we are capable of doing and what we must do," said Pinilla, who has appealed that "sensitivity with the environment have a real reflection in our activities ”.

The lure of birds

In his opinion, it is essential to develop activities that promote sensitivity to the natural environment and gather around birds "people with intention, with interest, with a desire to work for a better world."

"The human being - he pointed out - has been attracted since prehistoric times by birds, because of their attractive colors, because they are easy to observe and differentiate and because they are one of the most widely distributed animal groups on the planet."


World Bird Day will also mobilize other conservation entities and regional and local administrations on Saturday and Sunday, which have prepared fun, informative or commitment events with birds.

Thus, the Network of Environmental Education Centers of the Basque Government will develop various initiatives with bird watching points, ringing, identification contests, children's workshops, exhibitions or the II Euskadi Ornithological Marathon.

The National Museum of Natural Sciences (MNCN) will pay tribute to the ornithologist and biologist Francisco Bernis, founder of the Spanish Ornithological Society and one of the promoters of the protection of Doñana, on the centenary of his birth.

And the Urdaibai Bird Center (Vizcaya) will hold an open house on Sunday with demonstrations of scientific banding, audio guides and interpretation of the behavior of birds from the observatories of the Gautegiz Arteaga marsh.

A very threatened group

According to Nicolás López, an expert on Endangered Species at SEO / BirdLife, a population reaches the brink of extinction when the number of individuals falls by 50 percent in ten years.

And 13 percent of the world's birds are threatened with extinction, according to the Red List of Birds of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), compiled by BirdLife International.

In Spain there are more than 500 species of birds, 25 of them very scarce or with a very limited range, such as the Balearic shearwater, the Egyptian vulture or the imperial eagle.

Photo: A group of herons in the La Janda lagoon (Cádiz). EFE / J.J. Guillen

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