The ¨imminent¨ death of the Mar Menor

The ¨imminent¨ death of the Mar Menor

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Ecologists in Action has expressed concern about the "degradation" of the Mar Menor and "the lack of diligence, past and present, of the administrations involved in its management", since this year "it has been unable to take on the nutrients from the intensive irrigation of its basin ".

In his opinion, "the difference is that this time the end of the Mar Menor is very close and no one knows if we have already passed the point of no return, which would mean that no action could return the lagoon as we have known it."

"Its waters are now between green and brown, cloudy, far from the transparency and quality for bathing a few years ago," they regret, and later reprove that "unfortunately, the lagoon is used again as an electoral weapon and proof of public works, expensive, useless and with a strong social and environmental impact ".

Without a doubt, it makes it clear that "the current serious situation will affect tourism in the lagoon in the coming months and years, whether the businessmen bathe or not."

It also warns that the current water situation "will not be able to be resolved in the short term with any measure taken out of the hat", so they urge the health authorities to carry out a "special and intensive" campaign to control sanitation, both for bathing and for commercial species, in the waters of the Mar Menor, which includes an exhaustive continuous monitoring of the species present in the phytoplankton.

The environmental organization also calls for publishing the results on a website that is easily accessible to anyone. This exercise in transparency "will serve to reassure the thousands of tourists who will soon arrive at the lagoon and who will constantly wonder if it is safe to bathe in such unappetizing waters or eat the lagoon's fish products."


For all these reasons, Ecologistas en Acción has sent a document of "integral, effective and viable solutions, proposed by specialists" to all the actors involved, and that "have proven their effectiveness for more than 20 years in many agricultural basins of Europe, for the current problem of eutrophication of the Mar Menor, without forgetting that there are also measures of another nature that must be adopted in the medium and long term ".

In the letter they also urge the political parties and administrations to remove the Mar Menor from the electoral contest and to work, urgently, in a Mar Menor Council in which all the administrations and actors involved are represented, including social organizations. and environmental, with the advice of experts in the field, optimizing public resources and passing on part of the expenses to those who have contributed to generating the problem, following the principle of "who pollutes, pays".

The Mar Menor lagoon, according to the organization, "is a unique ecosystem because it is the largest coastal lagoon in the entire Western Mediterranean, it has very unique ecological characteristics, due to its hypersaline and oligotrophic waters (with very few nutrients), very transparent and It has such important natural values ​​that it has earned more than seven figures for environmental protection, including those of the LIC, ZEPA and the Ramsar area ".

"But neither its singularity nor the accumulation of protection figures have prevented its effective degradation during the last decades," says Ecologists, who recalls that the Mar Menor "was the jewel in the crown of tourism in the Region of Murcia, transcending state and international as a tourist icon ".

Since then, he states, "the causes of its decline have been many: exacerbated urban planning, new irrigation (legal and illegal), wastewater discharges, agricultural pollution, the clearing of wetlands, the transformation of channels, construction of docks and ports, illegal anchoring, excessive motor navigation or the increased connection of its waters with those of the Mediterranean Sea, among other reasons. "

In parallel, the environmental protection figures "have been only nominal and have not materialized in the necessary Comprehensive Management Plan of the Mar Menor, which should cover the entire drainage basin that ends up influencing the lagoon." Thus, different regional and state administrations "year after year have eluded their responsibility to preserve this lagoon, despite promoting it as the greatest exponent of regional tourism," he laments.

"Nor have they taken seriously the declaration of Campo de Cartagena as vulnerable to contamination by nitrates, as well as the declaration of Mar Menor as a zone sensitive to the entry of nutrients, which come from urban discharges and, above all, from diffuse agricultural pollution ", he points out.

Likewise, he criticizes, "they have systematically ignored the continuous warnings and warnings of the scientific community and environmental organizations that have echoed the alarms and the proposed solutions."


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