They seek to make the ¨Vegan Menu¨ mandatory.

They seek to make the ¨Vegan Menu¨ mandatory.

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Although leading the vegan lifestyle is somewhat difficult when it comes to finding suitable foods, they manage and some already have a master's degree in cooking without animal products.

But the big problem appears when a vegan is not at home or spends long hours outside. Although there are more and more places that offer a vegan option in both sweet and savory products, they are not always "around the corner."

For this, they manage a virtual map (vegan map) in which they have selected the commercial products that they can consume and even a guide to bars, restaurants and diets where they can buy food or have lunch, dinner, snack. But that is not enough. The vegan community is going for more and wants to settle socially and even have a law that protects and recognizes them.

Vegans want their own menu and make it mandatory in public places so that one of them never ends up having an apple for lunch because they can't find where to buy the proper plate of food.

"Menu Vegano" is a bill that has already obtained half approval in the Senate and was promoted by legislator Magdalena Odarda together with Animal Libre and other associations in defense of animals.

The proposal has the objective of promoting a vegan option in the menus offered in public institutions and that the National State is the guarantor.

With this proposal, which has already taken parliamentary debate, it is sought that in those places where the State provides food, such as schools, hospitals or prisons, among others, a vegan alternative is also guaranteed, which allows access to their food to all people, regardless of their ethical convictions.

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