The extraordinary story of the Cat who became a sailor

The extraordinary story of the Cat who became a sailor

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The most curious thing in history is the choice of travel companion. Clark adopted a cat that was barely six months old to follow her on the adventure. An adventure against nature for a feline. The four-legged sailor is called Amelia (nicknamed Tropicat) and she seems to have outwitted her instinctive phobia of water. As Clark told Buzzfeed: “She has adapted to living around water. She has learned to trust that she will be safe with me. "

Since she was a child, Clark had dreamed of going around the world. And now, not only is he moving towards his desire, but also, thanks to his Instagram account and especially Tropicat's photogenicity, he is managing to spread his way of life all over the planet. So far, it has traveled 18,000 nautical miles: it has crossed the coasts of Mexico, Central America and the South Pacific.

“I sleep on a mat under the stars. I feel rich when I see the night sky and breathe in the fresh ocean air and jump into the water every morning, ”Clark told Buzzfeed. On the other hand, Amelia has developed a good fishing technique and has become fond of any type of maritime transport. "She has had to step out of her comfort zone normally," Clark stated.


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