Macri decree that creates the Council of Indigenous Peoples is rejected

Macri decree that creates the Council of Indigenous Peoples is rejected

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They indicate that the standard violates the Indigenous Peoples Convention No. 169 of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and it is a case of abuse of power committed this time from the same presidency. Furthermore, it ignores the fundamental demands made by indigenous peoples in recent decades.

They point out that the decree does not respect Convention 169, which in its article 6 states that "governments should a) consult the peoples, through appropriate procedures and in particular through their representative institutions, whenever legislative or administrative measures are envisaged. likely to affect them directly ”.

The organizations demand the repeal of the Decree and “that the steps required by the National Constitution, the laws, and the jurisprudence require. Otherwise, they reserve the right to initiate legal actions locally and internationally.

The signatories of the document state that Presidential Decree No. 672/16 will cause enormous damage to the indigenous peoples since it is a new body that overlaps with other satellite bodies of the State created in the previous government.

Urgent demands ignored

Among the neglected demands is the treatment of the Community Land Property Law and the right to Free, Prior and Informed Consent through the prior consultation that the government is obliged to carry out when adopting measures that affect the native peoples.

The decree that supposedly seeks to address the indigenous emergency in the current situation avoids the greatest threat to indigenous territories, such as the impacts of extractive industries, including those derived from fracking, mega-mining, soy monoculture.

Likewise, deforestation or clearing, the displacement of communities, eviction, prosecution and pesticides.

Among the signatory organizations are the Plurinational Indigenous Council, the Coordinator of the Mapuce Chewelche Parliament of Rio Negro, the Table of Originating Peoples of the Province of Buenos Aires and CABA, Qullamarka Coordinator of Communities and Kolla organizations of Salta.

Likewise, the Indigenous Union of the North of Salta (UNIS), the Indigenous Community of Ojo de Agua de Yavi, the Coordinator of the South American Region of the Continental Link of Indigenous Women, and the General Pueyrredón Indigenous Social Organization (OSPI), among others.


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