A 16-kilometer patch with thousands of jellyfish detected

A 16-kilometer patch with thousands of jellyfish detected

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Today the Chilean Navy detected a large concentration of thousands of jellyfish that has formed a 16-kilometer patch in the sea, off the coast of the southern country.

According to the institution, the unusual phenomenon was discovered during a flight by the Navy along the Chilean coast with marine biologists and experts to characterize the phenomenon, although the experts did not provide any information about it.

Between San Pedro Bay and Los Lobos cliffs, in the southern part of Chile, a large mass of marine fauna corresponding to jellyfish was detected about 8 kilometers offshore.

Chile has at least 4,000 kilometers of coastline in the Pacific with abundant marine flora and fauna, which make it one of the countries with the greatest abundance of species and resources from the sea.

Last summer, the southern country suffered the invasion of a toxic jellyfish known as the “French frigate”, which caused the closure of several beaches.

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