Smart containers: a new way to manage waste

Smart containers: a new way to manage waste

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These containers have several advantages: they compress waste and notify the cleaning department in charge directly when they are full. In addition, these little technological gems are autonomous thanks to a photovoltaic panel that powers a battery that, in turn, drives a waste compressor and a geolocation computer system to transmit the container filling data. Thanks to compression, these high-tech trash cans can go from a capacity of 125 liters to a capacity of 600 liters.

Another aspect to highlight is that the computer system allows the transmission of data to immediately alert the cleaning department when the tank is full. On the other hand, the containers will collect useful data with which they can produce statistics to report possible technical problems.

In May, the city also plans to install these new containers of the future in the European Quarter and the Schuman roundabout. The use of these containers will also save work for city cleaning employees, especially when European summits are held, since until now all containers were sealed one by one manually, but with the new system it will be possible to do it remotely in minimal time .


Video: These smart containers connect to Alexa and were invented to end food waste. The Edge (June 2022).


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