Will life go on if the poles are reversed?

Will life go on if the poles are reversed?

By Mª José Navarro

The reversal of the poles means that the poles exchange their position, the North Pole will be at the South Pole and the South Pole at the North Pole. And based on computer simulations, the Earth's magnetic field will be chaotic for many years. But if, as we know, the Earth's magnetic field is a protective shield against cosmic radiation, what will happen when it weakens and the cosmic radiation reaches Earth? A highly energetic gamma ray emission would kill much of humanity. In addition, the human being cannot live without magnetism, that is, the organism of people and animals will not be able to carry out its functions in an orderly manner. In fact, it is not known with certainty if it will be possible to continue living in the way we currently know. So we are heading into a very uncertain future.

These are some approaches made by science in this regard. However, through another source warnings also reached humanity approximately 25 years ago. The following paragraph shows us what the Spirit of God said at that time through the prophetic word regarding magnetic fields: «The earth's magnetic fields are different types of vibrational fields, which together are called the earth's magnetic field. They are the "neuralgic points" of the Earth and at the same time the mirrors of the inhabited planet. Therefore each human being has their energy and magnetic fields according to their way of thinking and acting. There is constant interaction between its magnetic fields and the Earth's magnetic fields. Each continent has its special magnetic field, which, according to its accumulated metals, minerals and subsoil wealth, emits vibrations that are transmitted by magnetic currents to the entire Earth and to everything that lives in it, to men, animals, plants and stones »

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