Energy scams: TVs too?

Energy scams: TVs too?

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More data manipulations?

If a serious company, with the prestige and reputation of correctness, as was the case of the, has managed to circumvent the controls of an agency such as the US EPA, famous for its rigorousness and its control methods, for almost 6 years, many wonder : Will they be the only ones?

And the issue of software that is capable of falsifying data at the time of control tests has left a deep mark, since the vast majority of people know that computer programs exist, they use them regularly, but they do not have the most minimal idea of ​​how they actually work, or what is the scope of their actions.

The competent authorities of the EU have echoed these suspicions of the citizens and have begun to collect data, in order to verify that the televisions sold in Europe have not been victims of manipulation and contain some type of software ( such as VW) with instructions to distort data and that the results of the tests do not give the real results.

Brussels already warns that although it is not carrying out an "official" investigation, it does want to be certain that the practices of falsifying data do not have other aspects, as or more important than that of cars.

Anna-Kaisa Itkonen is the Spokesperson for the Commission. European for Energy and explained that they have already received complaints from several countries, including those of the United Kingdom in 2011 and Sweden earlier this year, in which they denounced "indications" that during the brightness tests of the TV , there was some kind of software that gave false data and made them seem more energy efficient than they really were.

At a private level, there are also reports issued by independent laboratories, which tend to the same conclusions, as is the case of the Compliant TV team, who say they have evidence that the behavior of the devices at the time of the tests and outside of them was different, which makes them suspect the existence of some software that, upon detecting the testing phase, performs an adaptation of its energy consumption.

What's all this trick TV about?

Apparently when making the controls and according to the indications that are described in the European Regulation that governs them and that requires exhaustive measurements of temperature (with the device in operation and off), it would be possible through software, that the automatic control of brightness that must be off to perform the tests, really stay on and give false data.

At a domestic level, the repercussion would be enormous, since depending on the type of luminosity chosen by the user, the energy consumption could be different. The "trap" would be that TV manufacturers know that whoever buys a TV rarely makes a personal selection of this parameter and limits themselves to leaving those that are preset at the factory, which are the ones that would cause the greatest expense.

Legally speaking

Samsung has already publicly stated that it flatly rejects accusations that its devices are doctored, claiming that they put "cutting edge" light control applications on their televisions, not instructions to cheat a test.

Actually the problem is that although there are suspicions, it is not known for sure whether or not there is a problem with the TV. Four years after the UK's complaint, the EU's response appears to be that if it seems to them that there are devices that do not comply with the regulations, they should proceed to withdraw them from the market.

But the problem goes beyond this and focuses on the existence of "legal loopholes" in the community rules that do not contemplate the existence of procedures that artificially "improve" the Rankin of a product on the energy efficiency scale.

For this reason, voices are already being heard asking for funds and trained personnel to be allocated at the government and community level, so that these types of legal holes are corrected, that the law is of equal application for all and that if there are proven cases of energy fraud, the culprits receive the punishment they deserve.

A final thought

Cheating for personal gain is as old a practice as man. As the saying goes: “made the law cheated”.

The issue is that the laws, controls and verifications are part of a bureaucratic giant that moves extremely slowly, which apparently does not know the concept of "forecast" and that needs to "uncover" cases such as to react, wake up and take action, when the facts are already done.


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