9 Places completely free of cars on its streets

9 Places completely free of cars on its streets

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But there are other places where, due to its orography or decisions of its rulers, the presence of cars is prohibited throughout the urban area. Browsing the web we find important information; These are nine places where you will not be able to find a single car and in some way they are an example of sustainable mobility:

1.- Venice

This tourist Italian city is probably the most famous place in the world free of road traffic. In its tourist area everyone travels on foot or navigating the mythical canals. You will only find vehicles at the bus station.

2.- Giethoorn

Known as the Dutch Venice, this city of 2,500 inhabitants also replaces the streets with navigable canals. On its tracks, cars and motorcycles are conspicuous by their absence.

3.- Lovain-la-Neuve

This Belgian city is actually a pedestrian university macrocampus, in which the streets open to traffic are buried. With 10,000 inhabitants, it is the largest continental European city that prohibits motorized traffic across its surface.

4.- The island of Hydra

This small Greek island of 3,000 inhabitants does not allow road traffic either. Visitors arrive by ferry, to enjoy its views walking through its picturesque streets.


In Switzerland there are several winter resorts where cars are not allowed. Among them are Braunwald, Riederalp, Saas-Fee or Wengen. The case of Zermatt is more curious, because there are forbidden cars with combustion engines, but not electric ones, so vehicles with electric motors circulate along its streets along with many horse-drawn carriages.

6.-Bicycle City

As its name suggests, this South Carolina town is exclusive territory for bicycles and pedestrians. The large existing parking areas on the outskirts invite you to leave your cars and move along the cycle lanes installed in recent years.

7.- Medina of Fez

With 156,000 inhabitants, the Medina of Fes el Bali is the largest city in the world closed to motorized traffic. It is in Morocco and some of its streets are less than two meters wide.

8.- Fazilka

The authorities of this Indian city near the border with Pakistan decided to end traffic congestion. To achieve this, in addition to prohibiting the circulation of vehicles within the city during the day, they have installed barriers every hundreds of meters to ensure that no one violates the new regulation.

9.- Tokelau

In this small archipelago in the South Pacific, dependent on New Zealand and made up of three atolls and 125 islets, the use of motor vehicles is prohibited. In fact, in the entire archipelago, which is known for its “.tk” internet domain, there are only three cars.


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