Group of parents begin campaign not to vaccinate their daughters against Human Papillomavirus

Group of parents begin campaign not to vaccinate their daughters against Human Papillomavirus

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In fact, the group published an image of a document that, according to them, may be useful to reject the Human Papillomavirus vaccine.

"Reason for rejection: Law 20,584, 6th paragraph, article 14." Everyone has the right to grant or deny their will to undergo any procedure or treatment related to their health care, "says the document (see photos). But what motivates people to reject the vaccine?

"In Colombia it has been shown that the vaccine produces side effects that can be worse than the disease," Marcelo Khan (28) tells Publimetro, who assures that, when his daughter is old enough to access the inoculation, she will not do so.

"I have seen videos on YouTube that show that girls who are vaccinated afterwards cannot move or get sicker," adds the computer technician, being skeptical of vaccines.

“In this case I speak for myself, I cannot answer for others. My daughter is 3 years old and when she is old enough to be vaccinated, I am going to take her to a doctor who will do an exam to see if she really needs the vaccine, because not everyone needs it. If she requires it, well I'll see, but if not, she won't get vaccinated anymore ”, adds the father of a girl who will only have to deal with the dilemma of accessing the vaccine or not in the coming years.

What science says

"Strictly speaking, I do not have any information in what you are telling me, because I have not read about what eventually happened in Colombia," says Dr. Josip Koljanin, a gynecologist at the Avansalud Clinic.

"There will always be someone who is going to have an adverse effect, but if one accumulates international experience, the number of reported adverse events are minimal and are inherent to any type of vaccine," adds the head of oncology at Hospital Barros Luco. .

Regarding the resistance generated by this vaccine, it indicates that “I do not know that there are reported adverse effects. I have not read that of Colombia or that there have been problems there. What can happen is that populations are genetically different. What a vaccine can do in one place will not necessarily be the same with another group of people. So what the Ministry of Health has to do is monitor the side effects that appear with our population. If they do not appear, obviously it should not be continued, but if it is not the case, then it should continue and extend ”, assures the physician.

In fact, he adds that “the vaccine can cause a local allergic reaction, greater pain but never a major allergic adverse event. In fact, these symptoms occur with any vaccine. "

Finally, he adds that it is much better to get vaccinated than not. He assures that the cost of the three vaccines is very high and that the Ministry of Health is providing them for free is a great benefit. Likewise, he assures that although it is not mandatory to accept the inoculation "it is recommended that they do so" because ultimately, what occurs is to reduce the possibility of contracting intrauterine cancer.

What the law says

It should be noted that the same paragraph of law 20.584 that the group adduces indicates in its article 15 that the denial of the vaccine could be invalid since the expression of will will not be required in cases of public health.

"In the event that the lack of application of the procedures, treatments or interventions indicated in the previous article pose a risk to public health, in accordance with the provisions of the law, and this must be recorded in the clinical file of the person ”, says the norm.


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