Fighting climate change will save lives

Fighting climate change will save lives

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The EPA released a new report highlighting the consequences that could occur if global temperatures rise 5 degrees Celsius by 2100 due to inaction.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said, “We can save tens of thousands of American lives annually in the United States by the end of this century. But the faster we act, the better for America and for future generations of Americans. "

The report, produced by the EPA and several major independent laboratories, indicates that tens of thousands of American deaths due to extreme temperatures and poor air quality could be prevented each year if immediate action is taken.

Billions of dollars in storm damage and rising sea levels could be prevented.

If nothing is done, the EPA says California could experience more droughts, the West could experience more wildfires and the East Coast could be hit by torrential rains and storms.

Most scientists say that human activity, including burning fossil fuels like coal and oil, creates emissions that cause global warming. They add that the cost of doing nothing would be catastrophic for life on Earth.

Others say that climate change is caused by natural weather patterns that have persisted since Earth's formation and that drastic actions would generate economic disaster.

Delegates from around the world will meet in Paris in December to try to reach a binding agreement to control climate change.

The White House also reacted to the EPA report and agreed that immediate action must be taken to protect the health of communities from the effects of climate change.

To do this, he announced a series of initiatives as a tool to monitor patients who use electrical equipment in their homes, so that if the power goes out, they can receive immediate assistance.

In addition, the White House proposes working groups at all levels to see how they can act to face emergencies related to climate change, such as droughts, a strong heat wave and the infections and health problems that these problems can cause public health, especially children and vulnerable people.

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