They discover the unusual one-of-a-kind black flamingo

They discover the unusual one-of-a-kind black flamingo

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It is a one-of-a-kind specimen.

Scientists believe that the color of this bird is due to a genetic condition known as melanism, an excess of dark pigmentation that causes blackening of the skin and occurs relatively frequently in individuals of various species, such as the jaguar and the beautiful betta fish. blacks.

Melanism is an alteration, normally of natural origin, that produces the opposite effect to albinism.

Remember that the chicks of this species are born completely white.

Its pink color is acquired over time, due to its food rich in chaotinoids.

The experts could not confirm if the specimen observed for a few hours in this coastal lagoon of Cyprus is the same black flamingo detected last year in Israel.

Apart from these two recent observations, there is very little scientifically proven data on the existence of other birds of this species with totally dark plumage, despite the fact that the black flamingo became an almost mythical bird for years, used on numerous occasions in literature. , advertising and various names.

Due to his peculiar characteristic, this little friend may become a star traveler who is followed on his migration route - like Migaloo, the white humpback whale that visits Australian waters every year. Alexia Perdiou explained to the local media that the observation of black flamenco, amid the hundreds of common flamingos that visit the area these days was "an exciting moment."

Lake Akrotiri is listed on the Ramsar convention list for the protection of the world's major wetlands.

Akrotiries a must stop for the species Phoenicopterus roseus, where 2 thousand to 20 thousand birds spend the winter months.
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