We destroy the environment in which we live

We destroy the environment in which we live

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By José Carlos García Fajardo

Studies indicate various health problems systematically associated with persistent toxins, including those derived from their promoting activity of various types of cancer and their action as endocrine disruptors. The ability of these compounds to affect the hormonal system allows them to deregulate basic body functions and produce important effects on the brain, the pituitary, the gonads or the thyroid.

As a consequence, PTS affect the development of fetuses and newborns, cause a loss of quality in sperm and increase the incidence of various neurological or endocrinological diseases, with effects as striking as the advancement of puberty in girls.

The United Nations Environmental Program in an interesting way continues to assess its situation (

Many of these products are available to anyone, despite their danger. Some, like lindane, are sold in pharmacies as a component of lice, crab, and scabies products.

Others, such as endosulfan, are part of the composition of more than 80 insecticidal products commonly used in agriculture.

The United Nations report warns of the use of estrogenic pesticides in large areas of Central America. Endosulfan is known to interfere with the activity of estrogens and increase the chances of breast cancer up to four times.

Products such as Bisphenol A, one of the most active endocrine disruptors, which is used in large quantities in Europe as the basis for polycarbonates, the rigid plastics with which CDs to baby bottles are manufactured, are of concern.

The triggers of testicular cancer led scientists upside down until, at the University Hospital of Örebro (Sweden), they managed to establish a causal connection between this disease and the exposure their mothers suffered, dozens of years ago, to chemicals such as PCBs, hexachlorobenzene, or chlordane that transmitted these toxins to their children during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The alarm has been triggered by the dramatic multiplication of cases in countries as advanced in health care as Europeans. We are getting used to the increase in breast cancers in younger and younger women, and the suspicion is growing that there is a causal relationship with the ingestion of precooked, frozen, or so-called junk food.

Exposure to an environment degraded by fuel and by the savage increase in CO2 emissions from industries that refuse to implement the measures agreed at the Kyoto Conference are also of enormous importance.
Meanwhile, advertising saturates us to make us believe that he who does not have a car is hardly a person, because the new moral prevails that maintains that not having is sin.
The ozone layer is degraded by the inactivity of the authorities whose first obligation is to take care of the well-being of citizens. And the highest priority is a healthy life because, without it, it is not possible to live in freedom and exercise the right to the pursuit of happiness.

The people of the South have been led to believe that, if they imitate our development model, they will go from developing countries to developed countries. This is a fallacy because the countries of the sociological North could not maintain our standard of living, consumption and waste if it were not for exploiting the raw materials that we extract from those impoverished countries at the price and under the conditions that we impose.

The European Union needs to import more than 60% of the materials it needs to maintain its industry. On the other hand, it is false that underdevelopment be a stadium on the way to developing. It is an outgrowth of an explosive and lethal pseudo development, for people and for the environment in which we live, move and are.

If to become developedIf China and India had to have, proportionally, the same number of cars, motorcycles or refrigerators as Europeans or North Americans, the ozone layer would not last twenty years.

Medical researchers are very critical of this situation and warn of the health danger in which we are immersed.


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