The CIA and weather manipulation

The CIA and weather manipulation

By Silvia Ribeiro

The CIA and other sectors of the US intelligence apparatus have labeled climate change and climate control as strategic geopolitical and national security factors.

In 2009, the CIA even opened its own Center for Climate Change and National Security, but Congress ordered it to close it in 2012.

This is perhaps one of the reasons why you decided to sponsor this project of the Academy of Sciences since 2013.

Many of the technologies proposed as geoengineering have high potential for hostile use. In this regard, Alan Robock, a climatologist at Rutgers University, United States, who investigates the subject of geoengineering, expressed concern about the CIA's participation in these reports. (The Guardian 2/17/2015) On January 19, 2011, Robock received a call from CIA consultants Roger Lueken and Michael Canes, who asked, among other things, if other countries were trying to control our climate, Would it be possible to detect it? Robock replied that if you tried to make an artificial volcanic cloud in the stratosphere - one of the most insistent proposals - that would be large, thick and durable enough to affect the climate, it would surely be seen with instruments from the ground.

Other types of geoengineering, such as cloud whitening or spacecraft spewing particles into the atmosphere could probably be detected from existing satellites and radar systems.

But the question that remained pending to Robock is if in fact those questions, more than for the national security of the United States, were directed to know if other countries could warn if the CIA manipulated the climate.

Climate manipulation as a weapon of war has been on the agenda of the military forces of the United States - and other great powers - for decades. For example, Operation Popeye, used during the Vietnam War and now declassified, rained for a long time to flood the roads and ruin the rice crops of the Vietnamese in resistance.

Since those years, several projects of the United States government to control hurricanes have also been known, which, unlike Operation Popeye, have not been referred to by them as warlike use, but they also have that potential. In 1996, the United States Air Force published a larger report on climate manipulation, suggestively titled Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025.

Robock notes that the latest Quadrennial Defense Review, released by the US Department of Defense in 2014, reaffirms that climate change is a major threat to the United States and the rest of the world.

The document states: “The pressures caused by climate change will influence competition for resources, while placing additional burdens on the world's economies, societies and institutions of government.

These effects are threat multipliers that exacerbate pressure factors in other countries, such as poverty, environmental degradation, political instability and social tensions - conditions that can lead to terrorist activities and other forms of violence. It is not surprising, although very threatening, that a government that is dedicated to promoting war throughout the world, feeding and feeding the largest military-industrial complex on the globe, is proposing to use the climate for its ends as well.

What is perhaps a bit off the public radar is that through scientific reports like these they are trying to sell the world that geoengineering is necessary, arguing that it is to face climate change. A change that by the way, is to a high degree caused by themselves.

The proposal of these reports (more research and possible experimentation in geoengineering) not only diverts resources and attention from the urgent need to curb greenhouse gases and, therefore, leave the dominant industrial model of production and consumption. It also tries to smuggle the legitimation of very dangerous technologies that, if presented as weapons of war, would be rejected en masse by the international community.

Precisely after the Vietnam War, a United Nations Convention, abbreviated ENMOD Convention, was signed, which prohibits the use of the climate and the environment as weapons of war.

However, presented as technologies to combat climate change, they have gotten scientists and governments to discuss them, when they should be clearly discarded and their experimentation prohibited.

Or can anyone believe that the same geoengineering technologies, which for decades have been thought of as weapons, would now be used by countries like the United States only to combat climate change?

And that in addition to whatever purpose its promoters attribute to it, geoengineering would have devastating impacts on entire regions and the potential to further unbalance the global climate.
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