The “crazy year” of the climate talks started in Geneva

The “crazy year” of the climate talks started in Geneva

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Below we reproduce this article by Federico Brocchieri, member of the Adopt A Negotiator program, on the road to COP21 in Paris. In addition, we translated an infographic that is free to use and download, based on the information presented in your note, which may be used in the media. Remember to cite Brocchieri as the author of the information.

“Since the Geneva meetings, 2015 became a crazy year for the UN climate talks.

On February 13 we expect a first draft of the new climate agreement.

Meanwhile, Parties are supposed to submit their National Determined Contributions (INDC) on the way to COP21 (from the first quarter of this year Parties can do so).

Meanwhile, March 31 is fast approaching and we should expect to find some gifts under the tree of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) very soon.

After editing and translating the text obtained in May, the negotiations will move to Bonn, Germany, for the ADP, SBI and SBSTA sessions.

Then there will be two more in-between sessions: one in late August or early September, and one in mid-October. The places are yet to be defined.

On November 1, the UNFCCC Secretariat will release a synthesis report on the aggregate effect of all INDCs submitted before October 1. This will tell us if we are on track to avoid a 2 ° C increase in the planet's temperature or not. Most likely this will not happen.

Finally, 40,000 people will gather in Paris to start the madness of COP21.

I'd say this is going to be a fun-filled roller coaster ride, highs and lows, and probably some moments that will make you feel a little queasy.

But considering how the negotiators have hugged each other here in Geneva, who knows, maybe we could just go to the end of the race with a smile. "

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