Responsible for a more just society

Responsible for a more just society

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By José Carlos García Fajardo

We must commit ourselves to the terrible crisis that the world is going through. Take risks by making a commitment because the foundation of hope will emerge in the middle of it. Some lament, but we are not in a position to stop and wait for the horizon to clear.

This is the strength of committed people, regardless of age, nationality or social status. Because we have to recover as a race, as humanity. We have a duty to resist, to be accomplices of life even in its dirt and misery.

Without expecting anything in return, but for a demand for social justice, which forces us to be consistent with ourselves in the fullness of the human relationship that lies in communion with the other. That it can never be an object to achieve any end, since the other is and will always be an end in itself. Sábato affirms that “we owe ourselves an absolute gesture of trust in life and commitment to the other. Thus we will be able to draw a bridge over the abyss ”. It is a decision that at this moment should burn our soul.

Like the true honor, which is nothing but a recognition that the person does to himself. Bridges support the banks to allow rivers to flow freely. Also to bring people closer and facilitate their reunion, since that is the characteristic of worthy people, who meet before they have met. We all seek each other without knowing it. And the way, as Kafka suggested, is to delve into one's own heart because that means delving into the hearts of all human beings.

In their Letters to a young poet Rilke proclaims: "It is necessary that nothing strange happens to us outside of what has long belonged to us." That is the challenge of freedom that gives meaning to living with dignity, recovering our signs of identity to become ourselves. So that no one and nothing live us or order us or alienate us. To be ourselves assuming the risks to be able to shout with sobriety and firmness "I know who I am, and I confess that I have lived" · If tomorrow is nothing more than a hypothesis, and no one has to send us, what are we waiting for to know us on the way What is goal and challenge at the same time? " Because love is not a deposit, but a flow; it is not a pond, but a stream. Love only exists in movement and is generated by going out, not by accumulating it within oneself.

In humanitarian organizations, which emerged within civil society, volunteering is one of the fundamental elements in a plot that requires material means to carry out its tasks. In that web of pain, injustice and loneliness, hope must be enlivened by projecting our hopes. Because the proof that another world is possible is that we are capable of conceiving it. Like all the conquests of human beings that, in their day, were described as utopian when they were only premature truths.

There are many people who admire the work of volunteering and who would like to be involved in responding to the challenge. It is possible to help with an economic contribution by becoming a member of one of the Civil Society Organizations that exist, not linked or dependent on bank foundations, companies and ideological institutions, whether political or confessional. That is another dimension of the help that one can do according to his convictions. But CSOs offer us another dimension of justice. For these humanitarian social organizations that are committed to a fairer society, the involvement of citizens is the conviction that this building of coexistence in solidarity cannot be built without their own resources to maintain the freedom and independence of the great ideals that they maintain. to so many righteous people of our day.

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