Nobody talks about human development, about helping people to be what they can be, about helping them grow.

Nobody talks about human development, about helping people to be what they can be, about helping them grow.

We exalt competitiveness and neglect human development

Policy makers when talking about education mention the discipline, academic knowledge, excellence, competence or authority of the teacher, “but nobody talks about human development, about helping people to be what they can be, about helping them to growing up.

I don't think education is going the right way. The purpose of education is to get people to become what we are, but the educational conception and the making of education strive to perpetuate a way of being. This is called socialization, and when education assumed that this was its goal, it moved away from its purest and most noble sense: to be what we are and have come to be.

The root evil of society is the patriarchal structure, which is not the dominance of men over women, which can be a specific case of injustice, but the type of mentality that this entails, the tyranny of a third of our population. mind (the rational) over the other two (the instinctive and the emotional) ”.

“The patriarchal mind is responsible for inequality, for wars, for injustices, for genocides. The prevailing educational model transmits it automatically, without any reflection. We have a tyrannical upbringing, bearing a patriarchal mind that behaves as if it is not interested in change. A threatening education bent on passing test grades and learning to do things out of interest. An education that does not educate. How can there be human development if it is educated in nihilism, unhealthy selfishness and in seeking only my advantages! ”.

"We need to educate in the encounter with the other"

“Education bets on the known. It does not bet on evolution, it does not make it easier for each human being to be what he was born to be as a whole. While we are all called to be of integrity in a full sense, education has become an obstacle to our development ”.

Education becomes the perfect tool to become idiotic factors of production and perfectly adaptable to what the system wants, however, "there is no idea of ​​adapting to our own nature." “One of the objectives of education should be to develop empathy and love of neighbor, which goes through self-knowledge, because to reach the other, I must first reach myself. Empathy means to resonate with the values ​​of another, it is a love that leads us to learning. We need to educate in the encounter with the other, where there is a you and a me and where the mystery of one plus one equals infinity resides. Because getting involved with the other makes us evolve. But this is not done, education remains in academicism and dogma ”.

"A widespread and transmitted plague is the criminalization of desires and spontaneity." The unhappiness of our condition is closely related to the undervaluation and repression of instinctive life.

We are a 'self-castrating' species that, from the upbringing and throughout the educational process, demands to be good, to be like this or to be like that. We guide ourselves from duty, from the superego. Just as there is a repressive system in the civilized world, we have created an internal police system and we do not consider that life can function in any other way. We do not believe at all in permissiveness, in the Dionysian spirit ”.

The state of education marks the state of the world. For this reason, I am not interested in solving the education crisis but in getting out of the mess we are in, and that can only be solved by a change of consciousness. There is a ‘for himself who can’ floating in the air and that is why it is necessary to inject another consciousness. Education can and should take care of this ”. Perhaps this new education should follow a model so old and so aligned with the development of human potential, such as that proposed by Lao Tzu in the LXV poem of the Tao Te King:

The old Masters? Did not try to educate the people ,? but, gently, they taught not to know. "People are difficult to guide" when they think they know the answers. When they know they don't know? they find their own way.

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