Pyrotechnics not enjoyed by the whole family

Pyrotechnics not enjoyed by the whole family

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The end of the year, Christmas and New Year holidays are key dates that disturb cats and dogs. The indiscriminate use of pyrotechnic elements generates tachycardia, tremors and nausea in animals. In some cases they cause loss of control, transforming a docile dog or cat into an aggressive one. According to veterinarians, this alteration awakens in the animal the feeling of fear of dying.

What characterizes dogs and cats is their hearing capacity, much greater than that of a human, the stress they suffer is generated because they have a much more developed sense of hearing than humans and by not understanding, by not reasoning from where these come from. noises, they take it as a danger, begins to describe the veterinary doctor Mónica Ghanem.

In dogs, the hearing capacity is 60,000 cycles per second, this makes them have a great amplitude to capture sounds at high frequencies that are imperceptible to the human ear.

Imagine, then, the sensitivity they have to much louder and more intense sound stimuli such as the fireworks that characterize the end of the year parties, as well as storms, thunders, explosions, bombs, among others. When this happens, the animals tend to have unusual behaviors: aggressiveness, sobbing, running away or seeking to hide in dark places.

So it happens that most of the dogs (not all because we know cases in which the dog plays or has fun with fireworks) but, the majority what they do is try to flee, they seek to hide, in the worst case they they escape and get lost and it is also when accidents occur, they are run over or, directly, they get lost in the neighborhood, highlights Ghanem.

It also happens that in search of protection they run to hide and tend to hurt themselves in that attempt, they try to flee because it scares them and they seek to escape that fear that it generates.

Aspects to take into account on Christmas and New Year's Eve

If we plan to stay at home and wait for the family, it is advisable to place the pet in a room where it is quiet and feels that this space is its "refuge", check that there is no danger of any kind and that it is away from the noise. May it not lack food and water.

If they tend to corner themselves in a space in the home (the kitchen, the bathroom, under the bed), even at this time, let them find a place for themselves to feel protected.

We can also place cottons on their ears, at least to reduce the discomfort caused by the pumps. A good idea is to leave some device (radio or TV) on to reduce the sound of firecrackers outside, leave them inside the home so they are a little more protected.

Try as much as possible, accompany them, do not leave them alone for a long time, give them a look from time to time, in the words of the professional. Avoid tying them, since the fear generated by the pyrotechnics would make them nervous and they would suffocate on their own leash. In case of doing so, pay close attention to where we are going to place them so that they do not run any risk of injury or suffocation.

A good measure in case it escapes from home is to place an identification tag on the collar so that, in case of loss of the animal, whoever finds it knows where to take it and thus we avoid suffering the pet and the family.

Tranquilizer drugs for pets

During these days of festivities, it is recommended to visit a trusted veterinarian to advise us on possible treatments and thus prevent the animals from suffering from the use of pyrotechnics.

The most commonly used medications are sedative drops and pills. The owners come days before the holidays and buy the droplets to calm the animal, says the veterinarian. Their effect is to reduce the voluntary movement of the animal and they are very useful for those animals that have already tried to flee due to noise, in this way we can protect the integrity of the animal so that it does not get hurt, or run the risk of being run over, or get lost, Ghanem adds.

Instead there are other medications that are sedatives with cumulative effects. These should be administered 15 or 20 days before the event, since by having a cumulative effect, the drug allows the animal to feel relaxed - when the date of greatest noise and brightness arrives - and thus we avoid stress and flight, with all that it implies.

What about cats? In the case of felines, they are not usually given anything since it is rare that they try to flee. They do take refuge and we must create a suitable space for it where they do not lack food or water. Drops can be administered, but it is not as common as it is in dogs.

Both pills and drops are highly recommended, says the professional, the issue is that for pills, we must anticipate the holidays at least 15 days to protect the physical integrity of pets. These tranquilizer drugs are priced at about $ 34 for drops, and $ 40 for pills are over the counter and do not cause any side effects.

Latest recommendations

We can spend time with our pets on the same day of the celebration and take them out for a walk so they discharge all their energy. The park, the river, the mountain (…) wherever it allows the animal to have a stronger physical activity than normal and thus when it gets home, it feels tired and relaxes at night.

We bear in mind that when acquiring a pet we are 100% responsible for it. We must take care of them, take care of them, give them medical assistance and love them above all things. They are not toys, therefore we do not give animals at these parties, we recognize that they are living beings that deserve to have a family and be part of it.

Finally, recognize the risk generated by the use of fireworks both in animals and humans. Large accidents are caused by the misuse we make of these elements that, if we become aware, are weapons in the hands of those who do not know how to use them safely and responsibly. May the holidays be a reason for joy for families and pets.

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