All the qualities of Laurel

All the qualities of Laurel

The laurel was formerly considered a plant that had a divine role for all the properties that were attributed to it, as in Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. In this way they symbolized victory, greatness and triumph.

In the first Olympic Games of Greater Athens the victors received a crown of laurels, thus becoming elevated to the category of gods and it was considered that these received favors from them.

The laurel was considered a sacred plant and bearer of peace.

It was also believed that this tree was not hit by lightning.

Therefore, when there was a storm, they gathered laurel branches and kept them inside the house to prevent electric shocks from reaching them.

The laurel is an evergreen shrub and native to Europe from the littoral part of the Mediterranean.

It is characterized by having abundant leaves whose texture is rather rigid and their shape, long and oval.

It can be planted directly in the ground or in a pot and has hundreds of medicinal properties.

It acts as a digestive, antispasmodic, liver and carminative stimulant.

It helps to increase secretions and also favors peristaltic movements which helps to facilitate digestion.

How to prepare it. 2 leaves in a cup of hot water for 10 minutes.

Taking it 10 minutes before meals stimulates the appetite

After meals it acts as a digestive.

It is taken 4 times a day.

It acts as an expectorant, especially in cases of influenza and bronchitis and all conditions related to the respiratory system. In these cases, an infusion is made with a handful of bay leaves, 3 times a day or also 4 drops of essential oil three times a day.

It is also good for relieving rheumatic diseases by calming pain and helping to reduce inflammation of the affected areas.

For this, a preparation is made using the berries (fruit of the plant). A handful of ripe berries are crushed in a mortar. They are boiled covered with water for 10 minutes.

The fruits are then placed on a canvas and squeezed well.

The resulting liquid is allowed to cool and a layer of fat is taken that forms on the surface by applying it to the affected area.

It is a natural diuretic favoring the elimination of fluid and toxins from the body favoring those diseases where it is necessary to help eliminate the fluid that accumulates in the body and thus allows the kidneys to function better and helps to preserve them.

It is also effective in skin conditions. Especially those caused by fungus, bumps, burns, ulcers or acne.

It works in these cases by fighting bacteria and regenerating the skin.

To apply it it is necessary to macerate for 15 days, a handful of leaves in 250cc of olive oil. Then it is filtered and the resulting liquid is applied through a gauze soaked in it on the affected area.

It is also good and effective to place a handful of dried leaves in the hot water of the bath and soak in it.

It is a good option to regulate menstruation, when they are abundant or when they are poor.

An infusion is prepared with a teaspoon of dried and crushed bay leaves for each cup of water.

It takes two cups a day. Seven days before menstruation.

The laurel has circulatory properties due to oleic, linoleic and lauric acids.

These give it positive and specific properties in diseases such as arteriosclerosis.

Take two cups per day of a tea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis plant preparing 10 grams of bay leaves in a liter of water.

Boil for 5 minutes, remove from heat and drink warm.

For stressful situations, drink the juice extracted from the leaves mixed with a glass of water.

It acts as a regenerator of the scalp, helps to fight dandruff, seborrhea and other disorders that cause hair loss.

The essential oil is rubbed on the scalp twice a day, in the morning and at night before sleeping.

To relieve headaches, smoke from burned leaves is inhaled.

It is effective after a long day, to relieve tired feet.

Take 2 liters of water to the fire and once it boils, remove it from the heat.

A handful of bay leaves, mint and chamomile are added in equal parts.

Let it rest, strain and add bicarbonate.

Pour it into a basin and add enough hot water to submerge the feet.

As you can see, there are many benefits of laurel, being very useful also in the kitchen since its leaves pleasantly aromatize food.

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