How to make your own economic and ecological construction - Cob

How to make your own economic and ecological construction - Cob

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In 2012, a cob construction workshop was held in San Marcos. A small town on the shores of Lake Atitlán in Guatemala.

Cob is a traditional construction technique that uses local materials, which are generally found near the site of Laguna de San Marcos, mostly clay and straw. For this reason, it is ecologically sound with several advantages over more conventional modern construction techniques.

The workshop had the participation of people from different countries such as Great Britain, Mexico, France, the United States and Guatemala.

The project was directed by Pedro Pizarro from Mexico, Janis Kornouhovs from Lithuania and David Gonzales from the United States.

For similar projects related to Ecological Constructions of this type. You can contact them in the following mail: [email protected]

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Video: Building with Cob: Post-Collapse Solution for Shelter (June 2022).


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